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Thyme - the tasty seasoning herb

Thyme is particularly at home in Mediterranean countries such as France, Spain and Italy. It loves it dry and hot, but has now also come to terms with our climate. Thyme was already known and popular in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. If thyme was used less as a spice at that time, today it is hard to imagine good cuisine without it. Many use thyme fresh and have - along with other herbs - a small assortment always at hand. But it is also an integral part of the spice rack, refining numerous dishes and giving them a tasty and distinctive touch.

Thyme - sweet, peppery, spicy

Thyme is spicy, sometimes even slightly sweet and even a little peppery. It can be used fresh as well as dried, although in the latter state it develops its flavor aromas best when roasted a little in a pan. There are over 200 species of thyme, new varieties have also been created through breeding, not least thyme has many hybrids. These include lemon thyme, orange thyme and kitchen thyme. Thyme can be used in many kinds of dishes, but you can also pickle it in oil and after some time you will have a tasty thyme oil.

Thyme - goes well with an amazing number of dishes

We are of the opinion: When it comes to herbs, thyme must not be missing, because with it you can really spice up an infinite number of dishes. It is particularly suitable in hearty meat dishes, it goes well with fish as well as with poultry. Potatoes and vegetables are also dishes in which thyme makes a good figure. Thyme must not be missing in fresh salads and you can also try refined thyme honey. You see how versatile thyme is. You can find thyme in our online store rubbed or freeze-dried - so it can ideally develop all its flavors. Once used thyme you will season again and again with it!

Spice shaker thyme, grated
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Spice shaker thyme, grated

€177.86 1 kg
3-stufiger Streueinsatz (fein, grob, offen) in Stellung "offen" nachfüllbar wiederverschließbar aroma- und lichtgeschützt ansprechende Optik Deckeletikett für Schubladenaufbewahrung gerebelter Thymian Gewürzzubereitung
Thymian Gewürz gerebelt im Beutel günstig online bestellen
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Refill bag Thyme rubbed

€135.91 1 kg
3-layers stand-up pouches Light - and aroma protection resealable ideal for refilling Dried thyme Content: 22g
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Maxi thyme, dried

€4.19 €6.99
€38.09 1 kg
for bulk consumers refillable Spreading function lid with filling level window
Bio spice thyme dried
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Bio spice thyme dried

€236.32 1 kg
Appealing cork lid box From controlled organic cultivation Content: 26g
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