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Dips & Spreads

Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Herbal quark spice

€118.16 1 kg
A dream in white... You think you don't have dip at home again? Quark! Now you mix it yourself! In no time at all you'll be ready to make your own spicy white creation for potatoes, bread or raw vegetables!
BIO spice dill tips rubbed
sofort lieferbar
Bio Spices

Bio spice dill tips dried

€299.33 1 kg
Very fine and feathery he looks the dill. But do not be deceived by its delicate appearance, the herb has it in itself. Sweetish and with a tart note that reminds you of caraway, our organic dill tips season with pleasant lightness. By the way, the essential oil carvone is responsible for the restrained caraway note.
Young Kitchen Café de Paris spice
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Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Cafe de Paris spice

€99.80 1 kg
What would a tasty steak be like without its herb butter. 1930 in Genfer Restaurant du Coq d´Or the original mixture was created, which is still popular today for making herb butter.
Herb butter spice, spice shaker
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Spice jars

Spice shaker herb-butter-spice

€66.33 1 kg
3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in "open" position resealable aroma and light protected appealing optics lid label for drawer storage Herb butter easy to make yourself seasoning salt
Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Hummus spice

€99.78 1 kg
Tip: Finely puree 1 jar of chickpeas (220 g drained weight) with 60 ml lemon juice and olive oil as well as 2 teaspoons hummus spice with a hand blender, refine with 1 - 2 teaspoons tahini. Decorate the finished hummus with pomegranate seeds and serve with pita bread.
Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Guacamole spice

€89.80 1 kg
Relationship status: Avocado! Burgers, pasta, fresh bread or nachos, what would they all be without guacamole! Definitely only half as delicious! So on your marks, get set, dip!
Tzatziki spice, spice shaker
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Spice jars

Spice shaker Tzatziki spice

€36.85 1 kg
3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) Refillable in "open" position Reclosable Aroma and light protected Attractive appearance Lid label for drawer storage For classic tzatziki Seasoning salt
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Young Kitchen Patatas Bravas Dip

€95.53 1 kg
Patatas BravasPotatoes alone are too boring for you? Then we have something for you: With our spice preparation of tomato, chili, pepper, garlic, curry, coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, cloves, sea salt and also cane sugar, you can conjure up an exciting dip for super delicious patatas bravas in no time.
Bio Spices

Bio Butter bread seasoning salt

€85.27 1 kg
We say "no" to boring sandwiches! Because there is definitely still something - for example, with our organic butter bread spice. Thanks to the carefully selected mixture of the finest Fleur de Sel, sweet onion, the spiciness of pepper, chili and garlic as well as parsley, turmeric, marjoram and thyme, your lame butter sandwich becomes a proper butter...
Bio Spices

Bio Herb quark spice

€156.34 1 kg
Quick to make and a real protein bomb - that's herb curd! And so that your protein-rich dip is also bursting with herbs, we have something very special up our sleeve for you with our organic herb quark seasoning. This blend combines sweet onions with the strong flavor of parsley, dill and chives, finely tuned with the perfect pinch of pepper and sea salt.
Bio Spices

Bio tomato butter spice

€117.25 1 kg
Once you've tried our bio tomato butter spice, you'll never want dull herb butter again! Because here the fruity note of the tomato combines with the pleasant spiciness of the pepper, plus spicy flavors of parsley, paprika, sweet onion and tart garlic, finely tuned with fleur de sel and cane sugar. Together they unfold their spicy diversity in your butter...
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