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Amerikanische Gewürze


BBQ Rub Chicken Chefsache

€34.74 1 kg
Attention poultry grillers! With our BBQ Rub Chicken you give every poultry the right seasoning. Our seasoning salt has a pleasant spiciness thanks to pepper, chili and curry, sweet and tart flavors due to thyme, rosemary and sage, with which it provides coordinated with the right amount of sea salt for proper enjoyment.

BBQ Rub Fish Chefsache

€53.06 1 kg
Put your fin on it! Our BBQ Rub Fish turns your fish fillet into a refreshingly spicy treat thanks to mustard seeds, pepper, dill, sea salt and lemongrass.

BBQ Rub Smoky Chefsache

€37.16 1 kg
The smoky-sweet all-rounder for everything that comes on the grill! With our BBQ Rub Smoky you give simply every pork, beef, veal and lamb steak, but also grilled cheese and vegetables an incomparable taste!

BBQ Rub Steak Chefsache

€39.95 1 kg
What would steaks, medallions or schnitzel be without the right seasoning? That's right, boring! But with the concentrated power of our BBQ Rub Steak seasoning salt your best meat on the grill or in the pan gets a fiery-tart flavor. Goodbye boredom!

BBQ Rub Veggie Chefsache

€78.84 1 kg
Who needs meat? Our BBQ Rub Veggie makes your grilled vegetables, tofu or baked potatoes the highlight of the next BBQ party! Thyme, oregano, rosemary, pepper, sage, garlic and sea salt help you take your veggie dishes to the next level.
Bio Spices

Bio Chicken & Steak Rub

€4.99 1 kg
More than the name promises! Because by far our Organic Chicken & Steak Rub is not only for poultry or steaks to use. The mixture of pepper, green and red peppers, hot chili, coriander, sweet onion, parsley and mustard seeds as well as savory, thyme, oregano is perfectly matched with sea salt and also refines all your fish and vegetable dishes that...
Bio Spices

Bio Smoky BBQ Rub

€71.28 1 kg
The barbecue season never ends for you, because you just can't do without spicy-smoky dishes? Then try our Bio Smoky BBQ Rub at your next barbecue event with its combination of pepper, smoked paprika, fiery chili, sweet onion, spicy garlic and slightly hot mustard seeds, plus the perfect amount of sea salt and cane sugar. With it, even stir-fried dishes...
Grind'n Spice Fish Rub
sofort versandfertig
Spice Mills

Grind´n Spice Fish Rub

€89.80 1 kg
Fish Rub Mix Spices handy Format 2 grinding stages Content: 50g
Grind'n Spice Smoky BBQ Rub
sofort versandfertig
Spice Mills

Grind´n Spice Smoky BBQ Rub

€74.83 1 kg
Barbeque spice mix handy Format 2 grinding stages Content: 60g
Shake'n Grill Set (1x Poultry Rub and 1x Steak Rub)
  • -€2.49
  • Pack
€6.49 €8.98
Our best-seller Shake´n Grill chicken and steak in saving-set! Coarse crushed and finelly milled spice The Ideal companion for barbeques Perfect for all sorts of grill-meat such as pork, beef, calf or  chicken, duck-breast or other poultry
Smoky BBQ Rub spice preparation Young Kitchen
sofort versandfertig
€64.14 1 kg
Let's have a BBQ! Barbecuing only works in summer? Not here with us! Even in frosty temperatures, we fire up our beloved barbecue! You too? Then the smoky-sweet spice mix of our Smoky BBQ Rubs will give your steak, burger patty or vegetables an inimitable taste!
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