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A life without any kind of added zest? Boring and monotonous, isn't it? But don't worry! This will never happen, because here we are! As a medium-sized company in the 4th generation, we do experiment on a daily basis and develop new mixtures which range from indispensable classics such as our jars, maxi bags, maxi jars or mini bags to extraordinary creations such as our spice 'n drink assortment or different young kitchen spices which make our favourite meals even tastier. Life is too short fod bad tasting meals so we take care of high quality products and only selected raw materials end up in our state of the art production facilities where all of them are gently processed and refined until they get into our sustainable packages. What is important? All of our products are without added chemicals, flavour enhancers or preservatives! Let's go shopping!

all our spices

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Hartkorn Gewürzmühle GmbH
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Was soll man bloß schenken? Die Frage stellt man sich gewiss immer mal wieder. Gutscheine sind hier eine willkommene und gern gesehene Aufmerksamkeit.Mit unserem Geschenkgutschein kann man nix falsch machen! Mit individuellem Grußtext macht der auf hochwertigem Kartonpapier gedruckte Gewürzgutschein eine gute Figur. Die gelieferte Variante kommt mit...
Spice 4 Go Mehrfachstreuer Gewürze online bestellen Spice 4 Go Mehrfachstreuer Gewürze online bestellen 2
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Spice 4 Go Multiple spreader

Hartkorn Gewürzmühle GmbH
Multiple spreader with 4 inserts 4 common types of spices Black pepper Sea salt Sweet paprika Curry
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