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Young Kitchen

Bolognese spice salt Young Kitchen

€74.83 1 kg
The pasta classic par excellence - Conjure up the Italian pasta miracle very simply on your plate. Buon Appetito!
BIO spice basil rubbed
sofort lieferbar
Bio Spices

Bio spice basil dried

€299.33 1 kg
Pizza, pasta or pesto? Who wants to decide ... at least not our organic basil. With its mild and at the same time distinctive taste, it is a real jack-of-all-trades and saves you the agony of choice. Its essential oils give your favorite dishes a pleasantly fragrant aroma in no time.
€149.67 1 kg
Full Italian! Whether pizza or pasta, with meat or without - Italian cuisine immediately awakens vacation feelings and convinces with aromatic variety. You want to experience real pleasure like in Italy? Then our Young Kitchen All'Italiano with its combination of oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, fennel, pepper, chili and fleur de sel will give your...
Bio Spices

Pink mill salt

€39.00 1 kg
Beautiful and salty - that is our pink mill salt! The bright white and shining in strong rosé salt crystals not only look good on the table, but refine your dishes with the necessary spice.
Bio Spices

Sel Gris de Guérande

€52.83 1 kg
The white gold of Guérande has a gray shimmer due to its high content of minerals and trace elements. The delicate salt flakes are perfect as an icing on all your dishes and melt pleasantly on your tongue!
Bio Spices

Bio turmeric salt

€85.27 1 kg
Boring bowls or rice? No, thanks! With our salty-fresh organic turmeric salt you will surprise your palate with a balanced combination of fleur de sel, earthy turmeric and the spiciness of ginger. Your bowls and rice dishes will be the highlight of the day!
Bio Spices

Bio Hibiscus flower salt

€93.80 1 kg
Delicate salt crystals meet the slightly sour and fruity taste of hibiscus - this is our organic hibiscus flower salt. The gentle Fleur de Sel wrapped in mysterious purple, gives your dishes a unique flavor and looks beautiful by the way!
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Bio chili spice

€109.06 1 kg
Fiery spiciness you get only thanks to chili. And with our Organic Chili Mix even real Bird's Eye! Paired with mild green peppers and a pinch of sea salt, our organic chili takes your receptors with a lot of Scoville really in the grinder!
Bio Spices

Bio Arrabbiata Spice

€104.22 1 kg
When the sweet smell of tomato and peppers with the sharp heat of chili, a portion of garlic and Italian herbs like basil flows through the house - then Nonna makes her penne all'arrabbiata again! Want to get in on her fun, too? Then grab our organic arrabbiata seasoning and get the concentrated charge of Italian flavor in your tomato sauce!

Herbs of Provence Chefsache

€107.00 1 kg
With our Chef's Matter blend Herbs of Provence you bring the southern French flair directly to your barbecue! Sweet lavender scent, a hint of rosemary, sage and fennel seeds join strong basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme and peppery savory. This will turn your BBQ into a real taste journey!

Garlic pepper Chefsache

€43.54 1 kg
You love garlic more than anything? Then our Chefsache Garlic Pepper brings you the perfect, hearty combination of black pepper, slightly tingling on the tongue, but also subtly sweet garlic, tangy coriander, sea salt and spicy parsley. This will make your meat and fish dishes the highlight of your barbecue!

Italian herbs Chefsache

€124.83 1 kg
Sitting together with friends and family, enjoying life - that's a real grigliata! What must not be missing from your Italian barbecue is the authentic Mediterranean taste of Italy. That's why our Italian herbs from the Chefsache line with marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, savory and sage give you everything you need for your grilled fish, meat...
€81.64 1 kg
Tart rosemary meets citrus freshness: In our Lemon & Rosemary seasoning salt, the essential oils of rosemary form a perfect bond with the pleasant freshness of lemon.

Tomato Mozzarella Chefsache

€40.97 1 kg
Simple, delicious, Italian! Caprese, the classic dish of buffalo mozzarella and tomato slices, topped with lush green basil and a drizzle of olive oil is quick to prepare. With our tomato mozzarella seasoning, you can add the Mediterranean icing on the cake thanks to the sweetness of onion, bell bell pepper, basil and parsley, but also the slight...
€40.42 1 kg
You love it Mediterranean? Then grab our rosemary lemon salt! With it you get not only the fresh, spicy-tart flavor of rosemary, but also the sweet, slightly tart note of lemon in your dishes. Perfectly coordinated with Fleur de Sel, meat or fish dishes become a Mediterranean dream!

Magic Spice Chefsache

€37.96 1 kg
Magic Spice is the kind of magic your taste buds need! The peppery flavor with an intense herbal note, the right amount of garlic and sweet cane sugar not only gives your barbecue dishes a good pinch of magic - our Magic Spice is a real all seasoner thanks to its unique blend!

Magic Dust Chefsache

€39.95 1 kg
You want to enchant your guests at the next barbecue? Then grab our Magic Dust! Because with this all-rounder, you can turn any barbecue into a magical taste experience thanks to smoked paprika, garlic, cumin, thyme, pepper, chili, oregano, allspice, coriander, cane sugar and the perfect amount of sea salt!
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Fleur de Sel Mediterran Chefsache

€47.17 kg
The delicate salt flowers of our Chefsache Fleur de Sel Mediterranean paired with rosemary, pepper, oregano and savory immediately remind you of the Mediterranean coast of France and take you with their scent to the beaches of the Côte d'Azur! So your barbecue dishes become a tasty vacation trip!
€89.81 1 kg
What you need for quick spaghetti aglio e olio? Garlic, garlic and yes, garlic again. Oh, and of course chili for that very special spicy heat, the fruity note of the tomato, parsley, pepper, oregano and also sea salt. And so that you only need one thing in the future, we have packed all these herbs and spices into our Aglio e Olio spice preparation.
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