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Salt Flakes Pink gourmet spice in jar
Representation of Salt Flakes Pink
Salt Flakes Pink gourmet spice in jar
Representation of Salt Flakes Pink

Salt Flakes Pink gourmet spice in jar

Rock salt in the shape of a Fleur de Sel: Coming from the mountain, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun, the Salt Flakes Pink are not only a visual highlight, they also offer the perfect blend of mild salt flavor and the pleasantly delicate crunch that you usually only know from Fleur de Sel.


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Can you also add our Salt Flakes Pink to pasta water? Sure, you can. But honestly? That would be a real waste! The flakes are much, much better as table salt and final finish for salads, steaks, fish or seafood.

What a transformation: salt is salt, is salt - no, it's not that simple. After all, our pink stone flakes are something very special. And we'd like to tell you why that is. The salt originates in the Punjab Mountains of Pakistan and is mined there. And that's it? Far from it. To turn the hard rock salt into delicate flakes, the first step is to dissolve it in a basin to form brine - the name given to a mixture of salt and water. Fresh water, to be precise. Wind and sun then do their bit to make the salt settle on the surface of the water. And then real manual labor is required. Because this is exactly how the resulting salt flakes are skimmed off and dried in the sun. The characteristic pink color of the rock salt, which appears as elegant as a fleur de sel, is due to the proportion of iron and manganese in the salt.

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Pink rock salt flakes
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*May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, mustard and celery For further Informations on Ingredients, Mandatory information according to LMIV, etc
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