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Habanero gourmet spice in jar
Habanero spice presentation
Habanero gourmet spice in jar
Habanero spice presentation

Habanero gourmet spice in a glass


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This chili genus is one of the hottest varieties in the world.

The Gourmet Line
The finest salt, pepper and capsicum varieties (paprika and chili) are offered by Hartkorn's gourmet range. The focus is on special and exotic varieties for all cooking enthusiastic gourmets among you. Specialties such as Szechuan pepper, Kubeben pepper, Long pepper, Hawaii spice salt, Fleur de Sel, Jalapeño or Habanero. These noble raw materials are packed in a high-quality gourmet glass with a viewing window, which is appropriate for the product. Through the window you have the view. Try it - you will be thrilled!

Habanero - spicy dishes guaranteed

Sometimes spiciness is what brings that certain something to our dishes. You like it hot and love chili spices? Then we recommend our gourmet jar with the especially spicy Habaneros, which we have processed into powder. This is one of the hottest chili varieties in the world. Habanero means "coming from Havana". Now, you might assume that habaneros come from Cuba, but that's probably not the case. Instead, the chili probably originates from Yucatán, which is found to the west of Cuba. Today, habanero continues to be grown in the Caribbean, but also in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and in the U.S. states of California, Texas and Idaho.

Habanero - less is more

To give you an idea of how spicy habanero really is, here are a few comparisons. The heat comes from the alkaloid capsaicin, which is measured in Scoville. A conventional sweet bell pepper has just 10 on the Scoville scale. A hot pepper is already around 500, the well-known Tabasco sauce around 5,000 and the pure cayenne pepper up to 50,000 Scoville. The Habanero is still far away from this, but it brings a value of up to 577,000 on the Scoville scale. Our Habaneros have a Scoville value between 220,000 and 350,000, which is also very hot. However, it must always be said that the Scoville value can vary depending on the cultivation. If you refine your dishes with our Habanero spice, less is definitely more.
Habanero - fruity spicy seasoning

Our Habanero spice is not only hot, but also fruity. It goes well with meat, soups, sauces, stews, salsas, with curry and even with desserts, because the combination of sweet and spicy is also becoming more and more popular. You get our Habaneros in a gourmet jar, which means you always have the overview. 22 g filling weight should last you some time, as long as you season carefully, which we would advise you to do. Get our Habaneros ground now in our online store for the perfect seasoning of your spicy dishes.

Product Details

Filling Weight
Recommended for
fiery spicy dishes
220.000-350.000 (erntebedingt)
fruity hot
Beim Verarbeiten Handschuhe tragen.Vorsichtig beim Einatmen
*May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, mustard and celery For further Informations on Ingredients, Mandatory information according to LMIV, etc
Spice type
Chili and Paprika
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