Spice shaker aniseed, whole
Spice shaker aniseed, whole
Spice shaker aniseed, whole
Spice shaker aniseed, whole

Spice shaker aniseed, whole

  • 3-step spreading insert (fine, coarse, open)
  • refillable in position "open"
  • reclosable
  • aroma- and light-protected
  • appealing appearance
  • Cover label for drawer storage
  • whole anise
  • Spice preparation
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Anise originates from the Mediterranean region and started its career as a medicinal and spice plant more than 3,000 years ago. It tastes sweet and aromatic and the smell is slightly reminiscent of licorice. Anise gives many meat and fish dishes a special touch, but harmonizes just as well with compote. However, it is most appreciated in the Christmas bakery, because only with anise our cookies, gingerbread or even honey cakes get their special spice. Speaking of Christmas time, there would not be another favourite without anise: mulled wine! In addition to cloves, cinnamon and coriander, anise gives the popular hot drink only the typical Christmas spicy aroma.

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Red Cap
Spice shaker
Recommended for
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*May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, mustard and celery For further Informations on Ingredients, Mandatory information according to LMIV, etc
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