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Rosemary - the all-rounder in the kitchen

When it comes to the use of herbs in the kitchen, rosemary is a spice that should not be missing. The all-rounder fits so many dishes that it is a real pleasure to enhance his dishes with it. The smell and taste of the herb are very aromatic, somewhat bitter and resinous. Rosemary, in fact, has an idiosyncratic taste that you have to like. Those who are still at the beginning of their kitchen career should first season carefully here. Rosemary is particularly popular for seasoning hearty meat dishes, but also soups, sauces, stews, vegetables and even desserts. Rosemary potatoes, which are a delicious side dish when tossed in butter with finely chopped leaves, are particularly well-known. Our tip: why not try jam with rosemary?

Rosemary - whole, ground or as a spice mixture

Rosemary is actually a perennial plant that becomes woody over the years and can be cultivated for many years in a pot or bed. The leaves look a bit like pine needles and have numerous essential oils that give the plant its characteristic smell and taste. Rosemary has been known since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, as well as in ancient Greece, rosemary had a ceremonial purpose. Thus, rosemary branches were given to the dead to accompany the journey of immortal souls, or wreaths were made from the herb. Today rosemary is mainly used in the kitchen. You can use it fresh as well as dried, whole, finely chopped or even ground. And of course, in our online store we also offer you numerous spice blends such as Italian herbs and herbs of Provence, in which you can find rosemary.

Rosemary - an indispensable seasoning plant

Rosemary is incredibly versatile and can give numerous dishes a very individual touch. Are you a gourmet? Then rosemary should not be missing in your kitchen. Find numerous products with rosemary that ideally complement your spice rack.

€40.42 1 kg
You love it Mediterranean? Then grab our rosemary lemon salt! With it you get not only the fresh, spicy-tart flavor of rosemary, but also the sweet, slightly tart note of lemon in your dishes. Perfectly coordinated with Fleur de Sel, meat or fish dishes become a Mediterranean dream!
Gourmet Gewürz im Glas

Rosemary freeze dried gourmet spice in jar

€374.17 1 kg
A true all-rounder: thanks to its distinctive spectrum of essential oils, which provide the unmistakable and aromatic flavor of rosemary, it is particularly flexible in its use.
Rosemary finely chopped, spice shaker
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€138.33 1 kg
3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in "open" position resealable aroma and light protected appealing optics lid label for drawer storage finely chopped rosemary
Rosemary ground, spice shaker
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€138.33 1 kg
3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open refillable in "open" position resealable aroma and light protected appealing optics lid label for drawer storage ground rosemary
Spice bag rosemary finely chopped
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Spice bags

Refill bag rosemary finely cut

€74.75 1 kg
3-layers stand-up pouches Light - and aroma protection resealable ideal for refilling fine cut Rosmary Content: 40g
BIO spice rosemary cut
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Bio Spices

Bio spice rosemary cut

€160.36 1 kg
Looking for a real classic spice? Well, then you are exactly right with our organic rosemary. Or can you really imagine a spice rack without this Mediterranean all-rounder? We don't think so! And what makes it so special is its aroma spectrum. Sweet and balsamic and a woody, slightly bitter note make rosemary a real all-purpose weapon in the kitchen.
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