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Cinnamon - Christmas spice for many occasions.

Cinnamon has a very typical taste, which with its slight spiciness is in any case closely associated with Christmas. Whether gingerbread, cookies or fruit bread - cinnamon may not be missing here of course. It is also part of drinks such as mulled wine and punch, and many use a touch of cinnamon in coffee, cocoa or tea to get in the mood for Christmas. But even away from sweet dishes or drinks and especially away from Christmas, cinnamon cuts a fine figure in the kitchen. The spice is particularly popular in Indian, Moroccan and Thai cooking. It goes well not only with stews and stews, but also with lamb dishes, couscous and noodle soups.

Cinnamon - the spice stick with a long history

Cinnamon began its triumphal march in the 15th century when Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese navigator, discovered cinnamon on his travels and brought it back to Europe. Until the 18th century, cinnamon was reserved only for the rich and was considered one of the most precious spices of all. Today, it can be found on virtually every spice shelf. By the way, cinnamon is the rolled-up bark obtained from the cinnamon tree.

Cinnamon - the versatile spice

Cinnamon is truly versatile, because it can be used not only for sweet dishes, but also for savory. For example, cinnamon can also be found in numerous spice blends, such as Ras el Hanout. Cinnamon goes especially well with chili and cayenne pepper. Maybe you feel like cooking oriental dishes and using cinnamon in hearty dishes. If you are not quite so keen on experimenting, then continue to use cinnamon for Christmas pastries and desserts. In any case, you should have cinnamon as a permanent fixture in your spice rack, because you will use it again and again - guaranteed! Find here in our online store cinnamon in ground form and also as whole cinnamon sticks.

€124.50 1 kg
Warm, sweet, spicy - a triad that hardly fits any spice as well as cinnamon cassia. Somewhat stronger in flavor than Ceylon cinnamon, the aroma of Hartkorn Cassia Sticks wraps you up like a warm blanket on cold winter days.
€99.50 1 kg
Sweet or savory? Why decide at all ... After all, the warm and spicy aroma of canehl cinnamon with its slight sweetness and hint of clove goes well with so many different dishes in this world.
Spice shaker cinnamon, ground
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Spice jars

Spice shaker cinnamon, ground

€92.22 1 kg
3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in "open" position resealable aroma and light protected appealing optics lid label for drawer storage ground cinnamon
Spice bag ground cinnamon
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Spice bags

Refill bag ground cinnamon

€58.17 1 kg
3-layers stand-up pouches Light - and aroma protection resealable ideal for refilling Ground Cassia cinnamon Content: 60g
BIO Cinnamon Canehl (Cinnamomum verum) ground
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€124.75 1 kg
For all organic fans, we have the ground version of the sweet spice in the form of BIO Cinnamon Canehl. This makes it easy to refine your desserts with the brown powder.
BIO Spice Cinnamon Canehl (Cinnamomum verum) whole
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€249.50 1 kg
Snacking or rather hearty? With our organic Canehl cinnamon you do not have to decide, because it can do both. The essential oil called cinnamaldehyde provides the warm spiciness that characterizes the typical cinnamon flavor. What makes canehl cinnamon special is the additional note that will remind you of clove. The culprit is the clove-like eugenol.
BIO spice cinnamon cassia ground
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Bio Spices

Cinnamon Cassia ground

€118.81 1 kg
Mhhhh, what smells so good of Christmas and childhood? Yes, that's right, it is this uniquely warm, sweet and yet also spicy scent of our ground cinnamon Cassia. Let its aroma envelop you and discover how versatile you can use it. By the way, compared to its colleague, the Ceylon cinnamon, it tastes a bit stronger and spicier.
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