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Super Bowl

Ready for a touchdown?
Sunday is the American event of superlatives! The Superbowl!
To conjure up the right feeling in your living room, you need the right snacks to accompany you on this football night.
To help you find the right fingefood and American BBQ classics, we've picked out a few tasty spices for you.
Because anyone can buy ready-made products like pulled pork and burgers at the discount store - the motto is to cook it yourself.
Let our condiments inspire you to make sure you're stocked up on plenty of nerve food on this sporty night.
Now there's nothing standing in the way of Super Bowl night!

Taste the World USA (8 pieces)
  • -€5.43
  • Pack
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Taste the World USA (8 pieces)

€30.99 €36.42
Once around the world and then stop in the land of opportunity: Welcome to the U-S-A. With the Taste the World Spice Box USA, you're embarking on a culinary journey through the flavors of America. And who doesn't immediately think of burgers? Yes, yes, cliché or not... Burgers and the USA are as inseparable as the thought of a nice BBQ. And that will be a...
Taste the World USA (6 pieces)
  • -€4.45
  • Pack
Spice sets and gift ideas

Taste the World USA (6 pieces)

€22.99 €27.44
Have you always wanted to travel to the USA? We deliver you - at least culinary - the ticket to the country where the dishwasher is suddenly a millionaire, football is the national sport instead of soccer and a proper BBQ belongs to the good tone. And that brings us right into the thick of things, because with the Young Kitchen Smoky BBQ Rub, you'll not...

BBQ Burger Chefsache

€38.05 1 kg
As American classics, it's hard to imagine BBQ without them! You want to get the best out of your minced meat? Then refine it with our sweet and spicy BBQ burger seasoning and your juicy patties will become real soul food!
Young Kitchen Burger Spice
sofort versandfertig
Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Burger spice

€69.08 1 kg
Get the American taste ... Give your burger patty that special spice.
Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen cheese spice

Everything tastes better with cheese - the ancient Greeks already knew that. But we know: There's more! For example, with our Young Kitchen cheese seasoning. From mozzarella to sheep's cheese to good old Gouda with the mixture of pepper, smoked paprika, onion, parsley, tomato, nutmeg, garlic and sea salt you lift your cheese love to the taste Olympus!
Young Kitchen Steak & Chicken Rub Spice
sofort versandfertig
€89.80 1 kg
For the meat lovers out there, how would a piece of steak taste like without its right spice?whether poultry, steak or pork, this Allround-spice will make sure to provide you the best taste.

BBQ Rub Chicken Chefsache

€34.74 1 kg
Attention poultry grillers! With our BBQ Rub Chicken you give every poultry the right seasoning. Our seasoning salt has a pleasant spiciness thanks to pepper, chili and curry, sweet and tart flavors due to thyme, rosemary and sage, with which it provides coordinated with the right amount of sea salt for proper enjoyment.
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Guacamole Chefsache

€44.06 1 kg
Holy Gucamole! With the combination of onion, chili, cilantro, plus pepper, cilantro leaf, garlic, lemon zest and sea salt, our Chefsache Guacamole seasoning makes for a perfect avocado dip!
Chefsache Fresh Crispy Chicken Set
  • -€5.98
  • Pack
€21.99 €27.97
You're already hot enough in the summer and you need a fresh alternative at the barbecue? Then grab our Crispy Chicken Set! With the Chefsache BBQ Rub Chicken you conjure up super crispy chicken on your plate and our Chefsache herb curd mixture provides a refreshing side dish. And that's not all! Because on top of that you get our oiled 2-piece oak board,...
Chefsache California spice set with spice board
  • -€12.44
  • Pack
€64.99 €77.43
California - the state of stars, beautiful sandy beaches and for some years now also a mecca for BBQ enthusiasts! California BBQ attracts with juicy meat, spicy marinades and maritime flair. You want that too? Then our Chefsache California set is just the thing for you! With the Magic Spice included, you can conjure up delicious ribs. The BBQ Burger Spice...

Pizza herbs Chefsache

€124.83 1 kg
Simply pure pizza pleasure! Oregano, thyme, basil, marjoram, savory, pepper, sage and rosemary combine in our Chefsache Pizza Herb Blend and bring you authentic taste like your favorite Italian!
€26.95 1 kg
Nothing beats a good portion of fries as a side dish for the barbecue! For real french fries lovers, we have the right spice ready in our Chefsache range. With the combination of paprika, onion, chili, fenugreek, pepper, salt and sugar you ensure the best taste for your potato wedges!

Smoked salt Chefsache

€26.90 1 kg
Holy Smokes! Our smoked salt brings delicious BBQ flavor to your food! Whether with meat or vegan dishes, its spicy-rustic flavor brings the perfect smoky note to your dishes.

Pulled Pork Chefsache

€35.37 1 kg
Part of the Holy Trinity of classic barbecue, Pulled Pork is an essential part of any barbecue event! Our Pulled Pork blend gives your meat the classic sweet and smoky flavor it needs!

Tomato butter Chefsache

€58.55 1 kg
Herb butter has become too boring for you? Then tomato butter is THE alternative for you! Our tomato butter seasoning gives you the perfect complement to the fruity tomato flavor with bell pepper, parsley, paprika, onion, garlic and of course the right amount of salt and cane sugar!

Tomato Mozzarella Chefsache

€40.97 1 kg
Simple, delicious, Italian! Caprese, the classic dish of buffalo mozzarella and tomato slices, topped with lush green basil and a drizzle of olive oil is quick to prepare. With our tomato mozzarella seasoning, you can add the Mediterranean icing on the cake thanks to the sweetness of onion, bell bell pepper, basil and parsley, but also the slight...

Potato Wedges Chefsache

€39.95 1 kg
Tomato, Tomaato, Potato, Potaato! No matter how you slice it, potato wedges are better fries! Do you feel the same way? Then our Potato Wedges seasoning salt, gives you the right blend of herbs, pepper and sea salt you need! Quick, easy, delicious!

Magic Spice Chefsache

€37.96 1 kg
Magic Spice is the kind of magic your taste buds need! The peppery flavor with an intense herbal note, the right amount of garlic and sweet cane sugar not only gives your barbecue dishes a good pinch of magic - our Magic Spice is a real all seasoner thanks to its unique blend!

Avocado Topping Chefsache

€54.77 1 kg
Do you love avocado? Then the Avocado Topping is just right for you. Our spice preparation provides a sweet-tart pimento note, slightly peppery spiciness, earthy-fruity paprika, slightly sweet onion and sea salt for even tastier avocado toasts.

Hot Chili Mix Chefsache

€59.93 1 kg
Are you always hot in the kitchen? 80,000 Scoville are a snap for your receptors? Then the Hot Chili Mix with fiery Bird's Eye chilies and green jalapeño is perfect for your next meat dishes, soups, sauces and everything else that needs more kick!
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