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Ras el Hanout gourmet spice in a glass
Ras el Hanout gourmet spice in a glass
Ras el Hanout gourmet spice in a glass
Ras el Hanout gourmet spice in a glass

Ras el Hanout gourmet spice in a glass

Watch out, this is a matter for the boss! Ras el Hanout translates as "boss of the store". The spice mixture, which is an indispensable part of classic Moroccan cuisine, brings together a number of spices. Pepper, cumin and nutmeg meet the aromas of turmeric, coriander and cinnamon cassia. Chili and anise provide the perfect spicy kick, while anise, clove, allspice and cardamom provide that unique warmth to the spice. Our Ras el Hanout is then rounded off by galangal root, rose and lavender flowers. In this interaction develops a harmonious blend of spiciness, bitterness and sweetness.


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Ras el Hanout is an absolute all-rounder in North African cuisine. From braised dishes prepared in the tajine to couscous, meat, soups, sauces or dips - Ras el Hanout is a real all-rounder when it comes to the perfect blend of hot, sweet and spicy-tart flavors.

Ras el Hanout probably comes in as many varieties as there are spice dealers. There is no such thing as a recipe set in stone for this mixture. It can actually happen that the mixture is composed of 100 different individual components.

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Pfeffer, Kreuzkümmel, Muskatnuss, Kurkuma, Koriander, Zimt Cassia, Chili, Ingwer, Anis, Nelken, Piment, Kardamom, Galgantwurzel, Rosenblüten, Lavendelblüten
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