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Oregano must not be missing in any Mediterranean cuisine

If you like Mediterranean cooking, pasta with a delicious sauce and pizza are the typical southern dishes, then you will certainly have oregano at home. Because the spice, which originates from the Mediterranean region, gives your Mediterranean dishes the decisive kick. By the way: Oregano is often referred to as dost. But this is not correct, because with Dost it concerns the generic name. And also the designation wild marjoram is not correct at all, because with marjoram and its wild forms oregano has nothing to do in the slightest. So please do not get confused.

Oregano - seasoning herb

Today it is an indispensable spice in the kitchen, which gives your dishes an aromatic taste. You can use oregano as a fresh herb, which is often found in a pot on the windowsill. Especially easy you can use oregano naturally dried, here you will find on our website numerous options to equip your spice rack.

Oregano - intense aroma

You will know it from numerous herbs: When these are dried, they lose some of their flavor. This is not the case with oregano. Yes, here it is even the other way around, because the drying process intensifies the aroma. Another advantage of the spice is that you can cook it directly with the food. Oregano is available dried, freeze-dried and rubbed. You can get the spice from us in different package sizes, so you can buy exactly the amount you need. We recommend that you order a little more, because oregano really goes well with many things. Not only for Italian cuisine, but also for soups, vegetables, meat dishes and salads.

Spice shaker oregano, grated
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Spice shaker oregano, grated

€226.36 1 kg
3-step spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in position "open" reclosable aroma- and light-protected appealing appearance Cover label for drawer storage rubbed oregano
gerebelten Oregano im Beutel günstig online bestellen
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Refill bag Oregano rubbed

€149.50 1 kg
3-layers stand-up pouches Light - and aroma protection resealable ideal for refilling Dried oregano Content: 20g
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Maxi Oregano, dried

€4.19 €6.99
€58.19 1 kg
for bulk consumers refillable Spreading function lid with filling level window
Bio spice oregano dried
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Bio spice oregano dried

€408.18 1 kg
Appealing cork lid box from controlled organic cultivation Content: 19g
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