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Bay leaves

Bay leaves - in whole they develop their aroma best

Yes, there are also ground bay leaves or spice mixtures, in which the tasty spice is contained immediately, but we are nevertheless of the opinion that bay leaves unfold their taste only so correctly in the whole. Since bay leaves release the aroma only gradually, they are particularly suitable for dishes that simmer for a long time, such as stews, soups, terrines, meat but also fish dishes. If you want to use bay leaves in dishes that have a shorter cooking time, we recommend our spice blends with bay leaves. Otherwise, take the whole leaves and enjoy the unmistakable aroma at any time.

Bay leaves - a symbol of victory and glory

Laurel leaves were already known in ancient times. Thus, laurel wreaths were made at that time, which stood for victory and glory. Among the Greeks, the laurel tree was even dedicated to the god Apollo. And also the Roman general Caesar we know from history with laurel wreath, who wore it as a sign of a military victor. It is not known when bay leaves were first used as a spice. Today we know that the leaves give our dishes an intensely spicy, slightly bitter taste.

Bay leaves - this is how they are used

If you have ever been to France, you may be familiar with the so-called bouquet garni. This is a bouquet of herbs that is simply added to the dish for a better taste and taken out again before the meal. Among them, of course, is the bay leaf. If you want to use bay leaves in your dishes, you simply have to add the leaves to the food and let them simmer. If you bend the bay leaves slightly, the aroma will be distributed even better. The longer the food simmers, the more intense the flavor will be. With dried bay leaves, just one or two leaves are enough for the perfect flavor. Even if you could eat the bay leaves, you should take them out beforehand, because they are very hard.

Spice bags

Flat bag laurel leaves

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BIO spice bay leaves whole
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Bio Spices

Bio spice bay leaves whole

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We prefer dried: Our organic bay leaves belong to the herbs and spices that get a real upgrade in terms of taste through their drying. The dark green leaves still taste quite bitter directly after harvesting. Optimally dried, its flavor becomes milder without losing its pleasantly tart taste.
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