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Cumin - the ancient pepper substitute

First of all, cumin and pepper have nothing to do with each other. Nevertheless, the spice was used in ancient Rome as a substitute for pepper. Pepper was rarer and therefore more expensive at that time. Since cumin also has a pleasant pungency, it was taken without further ado. Originally, cumin comes from the oriental region, especially in Syria and Egypt, the plant was native. Even though cumin is now experiencing a renaissance in our country and can be found more and more often on the domestic spice shelves, it is mainly used in Indonesia, India and China. Since cumin has a very intense flavor, it is not mixed, as many other spices, but mostly used alone.

Cumin - related to caraway?

Yes, cumin and caraway are related because they both belong to the umbelliferae family. Visually, they don't even look dissimilar, and even the seeds of cumin and caraway could be mistaken for each other. The big difference lies in the taste. While caraway is relatively mild, cumin convinces with its spiciness and pungency. To get a really intense aroma, you should roast the cumin before seasoning your food in the pan, so the aroma unfolds many times better.

Cumin - refining many dishes

If at some point you come across the name cumin, then it is also cumin. The spice fits many dishes that you want to spicy and spicy upgrade. Of course, it goes especially well with Indian, Arabic and Asian dishes. Try cumin with poultry, stew meat, lamb, pork sausages, beef fillets, stews, chili con carne, with couscous and chutneys, with rice and soups. You see that cumin is versatile and you can use it to conjure up an oriental touch in your dishes. We at Hartkorn-Gewürze offer you cumin in different quantities, so you can decide for yourself whether you season a lot with it or rather less. Try cumin, which is available whole or ground, in any case, we are sure that you can not get enough of it.

Cumin whole, spice shaker
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Spice jars

Spice shaker cumin, whole

3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in "open" position resealable aroma and light protected appealing optics lid label for drawer storage ground cumin "Cumin
Cumin ground, spice shaker
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Spice jars

Spice shaker Cumin, ground

3-step spreading insert (fine, coarse, open) refillable in position "open" reclosable aroma- and light-protected appealing appearance Cover label for drawer storage ground cumin
Spice bag cumin ground
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all our spices

Refill bag Cumin ground

3-layers stand-up pouches Light - and aroma protection resealable ideal for refilling ground "Cumin" Content: 50g
BIO spice cumin cumin ground
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Bio Spices

Bio spice cumin ground

False friends: Whether with or without a cross in front of it, caraway remains caraway, right? Oh no, far from it! As you will also notice with our ground organic cumin, the door to the oriental world of taste opens with the cardboard box. Strong and bitter-sweet comes the warm aroma of cumin conquers your kitchen. Cumin, on the other hand, comes with its...
BIO spice cumin cumin whole
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Bio Spices

Bio spice cumin whole

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Only a few can do that: Our organic cumin is one of those spices that opens the door to a whole world of flavors in seconds. Especially the oriental, Indian and Asian cuisine make use of the intense, bitter-sweet and warm taste of cumin and round off their dishes with the special earthy note.
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