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€74.84 1 kg
Everything tastes better with cheese - the ancient Greeks already knew that. But we know: There's more! For example, with our Young Kitchen cheese seasoning. From mozzarella to sheep's cheese to good old Gouda with the mixture of pepper, smoked paprika, onion, parsley, tomato, nutmeg, garlic and sea salt you lift your cheese love to the taste Olympus!
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Guacamole Chefsache

€44.06 1 kg
Holy Gucamole! With the combination of onion, chili, cilantro, plus pepper, cilantro leaf, garlic, lemon zest and sea salt, our Chefsache Guacamole seasoning makes for a perfect avocado dip!
€66.53 1 kg
In addition to the kitchen classics salt and pepper, there is one ingredient that no kitchen should be without - a good vegetable stock. The special thing about our Anders Würzen vegetable stock à la Thomas is that it contains no yeast extracts at all! Why? The mixture of sea salt, celery, cane sugar, carrot, onion, turmeric, tomato, parsley and paprika...
Spice bags

Flat bag sodium bicarbonate

Hartkorn Gewürzmühle GmbH
€39.80 1 kg
Baking soda for baking Excellent for rising doughs For example for Muffins or Cookies Small light protected bags Content: 50g
Flat bag potash
Spice bags

Flat bag Potash

Hartkorn Gewürzmühle GmbH
€132.67 1 kg
Potash for baking for hard doughs for example, Gingerbread or Printen Small light protected bags Content: 15g
Extension spice shaker spice box (40 pieces) - closed
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€59.99 €87.10
Who already has as kitchen basics, which is exactly right with this set. The popular Magic Spice, tomato flakes or a game spice are just a few examples of this spice box. Amateur chefs and cooking enthusiasts watch out - with this you are guaranteed to bring an exciting twist to your kitchen.
Gourmet Spices

Curry Garam Masala ground gourmet spice in a glass

Hartkorn Gewürzmühle GmbH
€99.78 1 kg
Exotic and with a mild spiciness - this is how the aroma of our Indian curry can be described. Because here coriander and chili meet the warm notes of cinnamon, anise and cumin. Pepper, mustard seeds, ginger, turmeric and fenugreek provide the exotic impact and give the curry in combination with sea salt a lot of character.
€124.75 1 kg
With Anders Würzen Curry Classico, you can bring the heart of the curry world into your kitchen. The blend of coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, ginger and cloves may seem simple in its combination of spices, but it is rich in flavor and the perfect basis for classic European curry dishes.
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Cinnamon Cassia ground Chefsache

€58.55 1 kg
Your barbecue experience becomes a sweet treat! Because with our Chefsache cinnamon cassia you provide the perfect icing on the cake for grilled fruit, in curries or even in a wintry barbecue marinade. Go ahead and get to the grill!
€111.65 1 kg
A pinch of Spanish temperament, stylishly served in a ceramic pot from the Westerwald. Our Anders Würzen Pamplona chilli flakes are a fiery blend of chilli, bird's eye chilli, sea salt and paprika that will give your dishes a real spicy kick.
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