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Black cumin Nigella whole, spice shaker
Representation of the spice
Illustration of the 3 level spice shaker
Product size - illustration of the product in one hand
Black cumin Nigella whole, spice shaker
Representation of the spice
Illustration of the 3 level spice shaker
Product size - illustration of the product in one hand

Spice shaker black cumin Nigella, whole

  • 3-stage spreading insert (fine, coarse, open)
  • refillable in "open" position
  • resealable
  • aroma and light protected
  • appealing optics
  • lid label for drawer storage
  • whole black cumin "Nigella
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When grated, black cumin develops a spicy, cumin-like aroma. In taste, on the other hand, it is bitter at the beginning and then slightly hot and spicy. Especially in the countries of the Middle East and Turkey, the black cumin seed is often used in combination with sesame seeds to flavor bread. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for other baked goods, desserts as well as for curd cheese, cheese and for preparing sauces. Black cumin is also suitable for refining meat and fish dishes as well as for vegetables and salts.
In India, black cumin is added unground to legumes and vegetables. It can be dry-roasted beforehand, which enhances its flavor and aroma. By the way, black cumin also tastes fantastic on the classic jam bread and adds a very special touch here. Try it!

Black cumin - the millennia-old spice

Do you have black cumin on your spice rack? It is often used in oriental, Turkish or Indian dishes. If you like black caraway, you will find whole caraway in our assortment. If you look at the history of black cumin, you will find that this spice has been around for more than 3,500 years. Black cumin was not only used to refine dishes, it was even used as a medicine in many cultures.

Black caraway seeds - versatile

Black cumin is the seed of Nigella sativa, a pretty flowering plant that develops cumin seeds after flowering and thus reproduces. Humans do not only use them for seasoning food, black cumin oil can also be produced from the seeds. We at Hartkorn Gewürzmühle have for you our tasty black cumin in whole seeds, which you can use in many ways. In addition to savory dishes, it also goes well with stews, chutneys, cheese and cottage cheese, sauces and even in cakes. And of course traditionally on pita bread, where it provides a unique flavor along with sesame seeds.

Black caraway - the special flavor note

Black caraway has a very unique taste. It is bitter at first, but then turns into a spicy pungency. Black cumin is certainly not to everyone's taste, but those who have learned to love it will not want to miss it in their daily cooking. You can get our black cumin in whole seeds in a practical spice shaker with a filling weight of 30g. This should be enough for a while. However, if you use more black cumin than you had planned, make a small stock and order several spice shakers. That way you won't run out of black caraway so quickly.

Black cumin
Spice shaker
Filling Weight
Recommended for
Indian dishes
Lentil dishes
Pepper substitute
Pita bread
Turkish dishes
oriental kitchen
*May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, mustard and celery For further Informations on Ingredients, Mandatory information according to LMIV, etc
Filling height technically conditioned

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