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GIN story making brands-Book

History, manufacture, varieties and recipes A portrait of the 60 most famous and interesting Gin-brands more than150 brilliant photographs
Gin set small - Hartkorn spices
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Gin Set small

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Set content: 1x Hartkorn Spice´n Gin 1x Book "GIN - History manufacture brands "Spice´n Gin" 1,99 € im Set economized! ideal as a gift
BIO Spice Cinnamon Canehl (Cinnamomum verum) whole
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€249.50 1 kg
Snacking or rather hearty? With our organic Canehl cinnamon you do not have to decide, because it can do both. The essential oil called cinnamaldehyde provides the warm spiciness that characterizes the typical cinnamon flavor. What makes canehl cinnamon special is the additional note that will remind you of clove. The culprit is the clove-like eugenol.
BIO spice cinnamon cassia ground
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Bio Spices

Cinnamon Cassia ground

€118.81 1 kg
Mhhhh, what smells so good of Christmas and childhood? Yes, that's right, it is this uniquely warm, sweet and yet also spicy scent of our ground cinnamon Cassia. Let its aroma envelop you and discover how versatile you can use it. By the way, compared to its colleague, the Ceylon cinnamon, it tastes a bit stronger and spicier.
Young Kitchen Golden Milk Spice
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Young Kitchen

Young Kitchen Golden milk spice

€64.14 1 kg
Golden milk spiceTired and listless was yesterday! With a big cup of our Golden Milk starts even the biggest morning grouch among youamong you will start the day with energy and the extra portion of good mood! This delicious spice consists of (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg) and cane sugar.
Spice 4 Coffee
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€39.66 1 kg
Multiple spreader with 4 inserts 4 common types of Kaffee und desserts Vanilla sugar Cinnamon sugar Cacao sugar Cardamom sugar
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