Red Cap 2018/2019 – The 10 “Little Red Riding Hood” introduce themselves …

We already introduced you to this year’s Red Cap campaign last week. If you missed the article, please click >> HERE << and make up for it.

This week we want to introduce you to this year’s articles in detail. And the best thing for you who read this article online here: All 10 articles will be sold in the online shop for the first time this year! Yeah!

1. Cinnamon

What would Christmas be without the cozy scent of cinnamon in the air? That is why we are putting the red Santa hat on our cinnamon can again this year. We wish you lots of fun baking cookies and of course good craving for cookies!

2. Sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are more versatile than almost any other spice. So paprika is an essential ingredient in most spice blends. To match the red color, this year our can gets the red lid put on.

3. ground nutmeg

The nutmeg is a very historic spice full of myths. It is even said to have a magical effect. Can the nutmeg also enchant our Red Cap campaign? We think: yes!

4. black ground pepper

What else can you say about this? A great spice, one of the absolute basics in every kitchen! Black and yet a bright star in our range of spices. We think: The red hat fits the little black one (jar)!

5. Cardamom

The best friend of our cinnamon tin when it comes to baking together during the Christmas season. No wonder that she is playing Red-Cap again this year in the same team.

6. Curry

What is yellow and incredibly popular? Yes, the Simpsons. But what tastes even better? YES! Curry! Our curry mix has it all and is one of the most popular and exotic spices ever!

7. Ground cloves

The bakers among you should already have wet eyes 🙂 In addition to cinnamon and cardamom, the ground cloves are already a 3rd baking spice in the Red Cap range. Can anything go wrong? Nöööö!

8. Cumin cumin

Not to be confused with “our” caraway! The taste of cumin is very different from that of European caraway seeds and is used a lot where it grows: in the warm Mediterranean region, as well as in Africa and the Arab region. Goes well with all typical Arabic dishes. Yummy!

9. Turmeric

Gives the curry mixture its typical yellow color. Tastes slightly bitter and mildly spicy. The inclusion in the Red Cap team this year is by no means bitter, because it is a very interesting and versatile spice!

10. Thyme

In the Mediterranean region, thyme is an indispensable spice. No matter whether in salads, meat dishes or in herb butter. Thyme tastes wonderful and is also an integral part of our red cap campaign.

So now all 10 spices for our campaign this year are fixed. The expected start of the promotion will be in the 1st-2nd November week. So keep your eyes open in the supermarkets or drop by our online shop. Together with arche noVa e.V., we are really looking forward to every jar sold and to doing something good with you again and making a difference!


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