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It is once again the time of great crises: Heads of state are rattling their nuclear missiles, eggs are poisoned and the German diesel car is losing its lovingly created image of the clean man. After we at least saved the breakfast world this week already (with our scrambled egg alternative with Kala Namak salt >>KLICK!<<) and saved unicorns from total extinction last month (>>KLICK<<), we are happy to present the next milestone for a better world today: A raw material-based solution to reduce emissions of pollutants in diesel exhaust. While the big companies like “Deutschwagen” “Au,die” (again) or “Daimler Pest” become real softies and distribute software upgrades, your favourite spice dealer from Koblenz has the solution in his assortment since 2014: BIO-spices!

After “Adblue” became too expensive for our own fleet in the long run, we started adding our organic spices to the diesel. What should we say? The results absolutely blew us away! The fuel consumption could be reduced by 11,345% on average! According to our own measurements with elaborately calibrated employee noses, the pollutant emissions also fell by almost 33% (for comparison: the regular software update of the manufacturers is said to save only 2%)! After we published our measurement results, we could hardly keep up our cork slippers because of storms of enthusiasm.

For example “Bobby K.”, chairman of the PeST e.V. writes (Polemical former Super Tanker) writes on his private blog: “It’s the absolute madness! My 30-year-old E-Class suddenly smells of coriander and runs completely relaxed!”

What at first sounds unusual and complicated is relatively simple:

Bio Diesel selber gemacht!1. select the desired variety from over 40 organic spices on
2. add 1EL organic spice to 10l diesel fuel
3. shake the car a little (2-3 minutes) to ensure complete mixing
4. enjoy first-class organic diesel!

We are also particularly proud of the positive reactions from the automotive and fuel industry: in close cooperation with a sports car manufacturer and BePe, the special edition “Cayenne pepper” was created especially for Cayenne drivers and is offered exclusively at BePe’s nationwide network of filling stations. This means that many full-time blogging mothers no longer have to have a guilty conscience when they drive the little ones to kindergartens and primary schools 20 to 30 meters away.

Rußpartikelfilter selber bauenAnd as a very special delicacy we have the following, newest insight: If you are not into software or fuel updates, you will be happy that we also offer a hardware solution for extra charge: The cork lid of the BIO can can can be mounted as a soot particle filter at the end of the exhaust(‘s?). This is compatible with almost any rear silencer and reliably filters a large proportion of pollutants! So for the sake of the environment, one likes to drive a few extra kilometres.

Hard grain BIO-spices, a found food also for your diesel passenger car – as additive from the tin inclusive free soot particle filter or premixed at many gas stations in the entire federal territory!

Of course, this article is not completely serious. Nevertheless we prefer to write it here: Adding our organic spices can cause serious engine damage and is of course prohibited. In case of doubt you should contact your car repair shop before 😉

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