Feel good at work

There was a recent announcement that only about 15% of employees in Germany feel comfortable at work. If you look around the college, you can hardly imagine that every sixth to seventh of ten people has to struggle to work every day.

Why is it that Hartkorn apparently has a good feel-good climate?

Is it the water, the muesli and the fresh fruit that is available to all employees? Or is it the foosball table and basketball hoop in the courtyard where we can have fun during the breaks? Is it the gym where you can work out before or after work? Or is there more behind why we feel so comfortable?

Perhaps it is also the open, large offices that create a good working atmosphere, the large weekly meeting where all corporate divisions are at one table and exchange ideas. Or the flat hierarchies in the company, through which everyone feels that they contribute to the success of the Hartkorn brand with their work and decisions.

Admittedly, even if Hartkorn is growing steadily, it is still a manageable team. This definitely contributes to the feeling of wellbeing. We do sports together, we also meet for dinner within the departments from time to time, take part in the Koblenz company run as a company, we know each other well and exchange private words on the coffee machine. Our travelers, who are spread all over Germany, are also involved. All employees meet twice a year for the summer conference and Christmas party. In addition to the professional exchange, we can all celebrate well together.

Of course, things do not always run smoothly and here and there are problems that need to be solved. But we also solve these together in a team.

All in all, all these little things and attentions contribute to the fact that we employees feel good at Hartkorn!

Are you still looking for your feel-good job? We are always looking for motivated and spice-loving employees to complement our team!


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