RED CAP fundraiser

Now the time has finally come: After a long preparation period, we started our first fundraising campaign under the name RED CAP. Since November 2nd, 2015 you can find the RED CAP donation box in the well-known aroma safe with a red lid in the food retail trade.

Long before the great media presence of the refugee issue, we had been thinking about how we as a company can provide social support and help people in an emergency. This is how the idea for the RED CAP donation box came about, with the aim of donating part of our income to people in emergency situations. The use of the donation amount is particularly important to us in our fundraising campaign. After long research on foundations and aid organizations, we became aware of arche noVa e.V. arche noVa eV, like most foundations or aid organizations, deals with a variety of topics and supports aid projects around the world with a focus on water supply (creating drinking water, improving sanitary facilities), food security, disaster preparedness, emergency aid for the civilian population affected by civil wars, Emergency aid for refugees and development of perspectives for the growing generation. The targeted use of the donation amount, directly to the people who urgently need help and support and the lowest possible costs for the administration of the aid organization has sealed our decision for arche noVa e.V. Arche noVa e.V. will also provide us with information on the course of the project, thus ensuring great project transparency.

Now that the RED CAP concept and the decision for the arche noVa e.V. aid organization were in place, we wanted to quickly decide on a specific aid project. Unfortunately, the refugee issue has become more and more explosive in recent months, so we quickly decided: We see an urgent need here and would like to provide support there.

We believe that the best way to understand and combat any problem is in the cause. For this reason, we want to ensure that Syrian schoolchildren are not denied access to education and school. Because children are the future, and education is the key to solutions and better living situations. Read on on our Red Cap page to find out everything about the campaign:

to the Red Cap page


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