Press release: No unicorn spice in the Hartkorn range.

Lately we have received countless inquiries about unicorn spice and why such an essential spice mixture cannot be found in our otherwise very wide range. Based on these inquiries, and our self-imposed and daily transparency of information, we would now like to comment:

The Hartkorn Gewürz company is known for constantly adding to its range, and for keeping an eye on current spice trends. For example, we were pioneers in the broad marketing of cocktail spices and ensured with our Spice’n Drink and Spice’n Gin Sets that flower petals are recognized as salons in our own drink.

The still young line of organic spices also bears our innovative signature with a largely ecological packaging made of cardboard wrap and cork lid.

The topic “unicorn spice” was discussed controversially in the course of many in-house innovation meetings. After countless phone calls and emails with the most recognized, worldwide animal welfare organizations, one of our worst fears turned out to be a proven fact: the worldwide population of unicorns is currently estimated at only about 1300 to 1600 animals. The number of animals has decreased steadily since the beginning of the censuses in the late 50s, no improvement is in sight. The terrible, overwhelming dystopia of the documentary classic “The Last Unicorn” (original: “The last unicorn”), which appeared in 1982, seems to be within reach.

Since only 35-45 cm long horn can actually be used in the recovery of the animals (the rest simply falls into a rainbow-colored, unstable mass when killed), the slaughter of the animals is in no morally justifiable ratio. Furthermore, according to the latest scientific findings, it was found that most of the sentient soul of the mythical creatures lives on in the horn. However, since the horn has to be ground in order to produce the spice mixture, it is impossible to imagine what pain the animals have to endure even after their physical death.

From a medical point of view, eating unicorn spice is also not recommended. As the fabiological institute Peter Pan from Neverland told us on request, the unicorns, which had been ground for years, were found to have serious health deficits. Since unicorns are largely unexplored mythical creatures whose anatomy is still unexplained by scientists, one can only guess what is going on when consumed in the human body.

However, the fact is that, for example, the risk of developing so-called star dust disease has risen significantly in all subjects. Here, the patient suffers from uncontrollable flatulence, which is noticeable with sparkling glitter particles and inexplicable ringing of bells.

In addition, there was evidence of increased nausea when looking at beautiful things and when emotionally moved. Unlike normal vomiting, the affected person chokes out a solid rainbow. On the one hand, this is very painful, on the other hand, it is also a danger to people and the environment. Because the vomited rainbows are difficult to decompose and pollute the environment as much as many plastics, according to experts. According to further estimates, there are currently around 1.3 million tons of rainbow waste in the world, most of which ends up in the world’s oceans and pollutes the local ecosystem.

For these reasons we do not want to and do not want to react to every current trend. The Hartkorn company therefore actively says “No!” To morally and medically unacceptable spice mixtures with unicorn powder. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Of course, this was all written with a winking eye and a lot of fun. Of course, we also noticed that many unicorn products also serve a good cause and that part of the proceeds are donated. In this context, we would like to draw your attention to our Red Cap fundraisers. This year we will start another campaign together with Arche Nova e.V. Stay tuned, we will inform you when it starts.


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