Red Cap 2018/2019 – items in stores now

Red Cap spices are now commercially available

Good news! After our spices in the red cap cans are available for the first time this year through the online shop (>> we reported here << (Facebook link)), the cans have also been available in brick-and-mortar stores this week!

Fundraiser for displaced Rohingyas in Myanmar

We have already told you a lot about the project in the past few weeks. If you want to find out more, you can do so here in our blog (>> Red Cap Presentation 2018 <<).

In essence, we are again supporting arche noVa e.V. with a donation. This donation will go to a project in aid of the displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar who are currently finding refuge in Bangladesh.

Buy spices and do good

So keep your eyes open as you walk through the nation’s supermarkets. For each jar sold, we donate 5 cents to arche noVa e.V. without you having to pay more for the jars. The 10 spices with the red lid are your friends, even if you want to do something good. As already presented 2 weeks ago (>> click here <<), the selection is across our range.

In the online shop you can have a look at all 10 spices of the campaign here (>> click me! <<)

P.S .: A raffle for at least one Red Cap item will run between all buyers until the end of November 2018. With the purchase of such a spice you automatically take part in a weekly raffle. You can win vouchers for our online shop. For information, have a look at our Instagram or Facebook account: (Go to Facebook Post)


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