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We would like to use the time again today to inform you about a matter of the heart. Anyone who knows us and has followed the past few years knows our annual Red Cap fundraisers. And we will start an action with arche noVa and you again this year!


Red Cap, what is it? Okay, briefly summarized for those who do not know it yet: In a certain period you will find our most popular items in the spice jar with a red instead of a silver lid in your supermarkets (and this year for the first time also in the online shop!). We donate 5 cents for each can with red lid sold. Important: The purchase price of the can does not increase for you. After the end of the campaign, we transfer the resulting amount to arche noVa e.V., who specifically use the money for one of their many aid projects.


Why arche noVa e.V.? We have been working with arche since 2015. At the time, we consciously chose the association after a long research because the donation processes were most transparent and we simply had a good feeling. To date, we have not been disappointed and only confirmed that many courageous and committed employees work at arche noVa e.V. The donation is not just a “drop in the ocean”, but is used specifically for a specific project. The project itself is always presented transparently, you receive interim reports, photos, videos etc. So you not only have the good feeling, but also change the certainty that the donations are not “burned” by bureaucracy, but arrive as efficiently as possible where they are needed becomes.


In recent years we have been able to successfully distribute school material to Syrian children in this way, help with urgent renovations in this Syrian school, provide a Syrian hospital with medical equipment, etc. Just have a look at our blog for the past contributions to the campaigns .


In the next few weeks we will report you in detail about this year’s campaign. Next week we will tell you what we will do with the donation money this year.


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