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Support your local store – hartkorn in the supermarket

Yes, of course we have an online shop for spices! Many of you probably only got in touch with us through online trading or facebook and co. got to know. But we are also a traditional company that has existed since 1920 and therefore come from the food retail trade, which we very much appreciate, love and support. We have had a close partnership with many markets, some of them for decades, and at least as many friendships.

Do you already know our sales cabinets in the respective markets? As a full-range supplier of spices, we have a wide variety of furniture in the supermarkets, which are always based on the wishes of the retailers and are based on the expertise of our sales managers, who coordinate closely with the respective market manager and provide advice.

We deliver everything you can imagine, from the smallest presentation in the form of displays and small cabinets, to standard modules, to unique, impressive individual presentations.

Especially in times of steadily growing online trade and pressure from large corporations, which have recently also entered the food distribution business, one thing should not be forgotten: only in the supermarket around the corner is there a friendly smile, competent advice and products “at your fingertips” free of charge. So you get an intense shopping experience on top! Why do you like to shop in the supermarket? Mark your favorite supermarket in our post on social media and comment with the hashtag “#supportyourlocalstore” Hurry up, because those who comment until July 31, 2017 have the chance to get one of three shopping vouchers worth € 50, € 25 and 15 € in his supermarket around the corner! (Conditions of participation on facebook / Instagram)

P.S .: Use the hashtag “#supportyourlocalstore” mentioned above for other favorite retailers around the corner. Mark what the stuff holds and support your favorite retailer, whether shoes, electronics or other things. Let us make sure that we go shopping “offline” again!


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