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Watermelon salad with Young Kitchen Fleur de Sel Mediterranean & Young Kitchen Pepper Mélange

Watermelon is also such a fruit – once bought, it is gone. Only when the entire melon is plastered does the mind start again and the body is registered again. Stuffed but happy, you can endure the abdominal pain that was already planned when you bought it. It is now known that a watermelon doesn’t just taste fantastic on its own. It can be used to make refreshing smoothies, sorbets or fruit salads, but it also goes well with many hearty dishes. We have prepared a simple but delicious recipe for you here. But before that, a few shopping tips and interesting facts.

When buying a watermelon, you should know that it does not ripen and you should choose a ripe one straight away. Of course it’s easier said than done! Some knock on the fruit and recognize the degree of ripeness by the sound – when the sound sounds dull and full, the watermelon is ripe. A hollow and soft tone indicates that the fruit is rather immature. An overripe melon can be recognized by the brownish or damp stalk roots. But since, as is well known, practice makes perfect and the consumption of a fruit that is not so perfect is very healthy, we can only encourage you to knock on it. The following facts are known: It helps to transport excess salts out of the body, cleanses the kidneys and blood, stimulates digestion, protects against cardiovascular diseases and cancer, can improve blood pressure and has a potent effect on the male sex.

Recipe for watermelon salad

  • a watermelon
  • a pack of feta
  • Young Kitchen Fleur de Sel Mediterranean
  • Young Kitchen Pepper Mélange
  • watercress

Cut the watermelon and feta into cubes with Young Kitchen Fleur de Sel Mediterranean and Young Kitchen Pepper Mélange and finish with watercress. Since the amounts of the respective ingredients are a matter of taste and you can hardly go wrong here, you can use everything as you please. So simple and so tasty :).

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