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Rezeptbild-weihnachts-cupcakesrerecipe of the month

Recipe of the month for December 2016: Christmas cupcakes

A different gingerbread spice: delicious cupcakes! Yeah, Christmas! Yeah! Cupcakes! What a combination! In addition, this is the ideal way to use the gingerbread spice in a completely different way. …

Rezeptbild Chai Latterecipe ideas

Newcomer Chai Latte: The spicy trend with a difference

Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and pepper, combined together they form the basis for chai tea, which combines with milk to produce the so-called chai latte. The tea base, so the …

Rezeptbild Frozen Yoghurtrecipe ideas

Summer – Sun – Frozen Yogurt with Young Kitchen – Flower Charm

The current weather is best for preparing for an emergency, the heat !!! Frozen Yogurt is the perfect low-calorie alternative to conventional ice cream, which tastes just as refreshing and …

Rezeptbildrecipe ideas

The cuisine of the far north – Young Kitchen Fisch Rub

Scandinavian cuisine is considered seasonal, as it uses local and seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, soft fruit and regional fish and crabs. It is traditionally characterized by the long and cold winters, …

recipe ideas

Now it’s Christmas time: We make homemade liqueurs!

In early November and already thinking about Christmas? Many will still shake their heads. It is still forever until Christmas … or not? 6 weeks remain until the big festival. …