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The cuisine of the far north – Young Kitchen Fisch Rub

Scandinavian cuisine is considered seasonal, as it uses local and seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, soft fruit and regional fish and crabs. It is traditionally characterized by the long and cold winters, which is why a good stockpiling, especially the preservation of food, was vital for the residents of the Scandinavian countries.

The countries of Scandinavia are surrounded by rivers, lakes and seas. Fish dishes are therefore particularly popular. This geographical situation brought plenty of exotic spices to the far north at the time of the Vikings, such as cloves, vanilla and chilli. However, they have had little impact on the eating habits of the population, as they place great emphasis on maintaining the natural taste of the ingredients when preparing their dishes. However, domestic herbs such as parsley, horseradish and dill are widespread, which in turn is a sign of special attention to regionality. Dill, parsley and horseradish in particular are very familiar spices and herbs when combined with fish. Nevertheless, some exotic spices such as anise, cardamom, mustard and cinnamon are also used in traditional Scandinavian cuisine.

Over the past ten years, Scandinavian cuisine has become a trendy country kitchen. At star chefs, it stands for creativity and innovation, as it is closely linked to the slow food movement and creates exceptional recipes from local ingredients.

Are you curious and want to be enchanted by the unique taste from the far north? Then we have exactly the right thing for you!

Recipe idea for Young Kitchen – Scandinavian fish rub

You can rub any fish with the rub of grated mustard seeds, dill herb, lemongrass and a pinch of pepper and salt and then fry, cook or bake.

Try the rub right away at the next barbecue.

Simply cut 300 g of salmon fillet into small cubes and massage them generously with the rub. Then wrap with cling film and leave to stand in the fridge for 20 minutes. Wash 100 g cocktail tomatoes. Then alternate with the tomatoes on four wooden skewers. Grill the finished skewers, turning them occasionally, for about 6 – 8 minutes.

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