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Summer – Sun – Frozen Yogurt with Young Kitchen – Flower Charm

The current weather is best for preparing for an emergency, the heat !!! Frozen Yogurt is the perfect low-calorie alternative to conventional ice cream, which tastes just as refreshing and delicious. Different toppings, which you can also combine, give you many flavors. Whether sweet fruit, delicious cookies or healthy nuts, there are no limits to your imagination and you are spoiled for choice. This simple basic recipe includes Greek yogurt, which can also be replaced with normal yogurt. With our Young Kitchen – flower magic we give the frozen yogurt an appetizing structure, slightly sweet taste and an enchanting scent that is biting.

Frozen yogurt with flower magic (without ice machine)

  •  400 g Greek yogurt
  •  3 tsp honey
  •  YK flowers magic

Put the yogurt together with the liquid honey in a large bowl or baking dish (this has the advantage that the yogurt freezes faster and you can stir it later), mix everything well. Then add about 2 teaspoons of Young Kitchen – flower magic. Place the bowl covered in the freezer and stir about every 30 – 40 minutes so that no ice crystals form. If the frozen yogurt is well frozen and still creamy, the ice cream can be consumed. Young Kitchen – Blüten Zauber is also very suitable as a decoration and makes your food something special.

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