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It belongs to Christmas every year like the Christmas tree in the living room: baking at Christmas time is becoming increasingly popular. This year, too, we have countless baking stands with the most varied, indispensable utensils for the Christmas bakery in the markets. We are often asked when baking soda, potash or Ammonium Carbonate are used explicitly. We want to take a look at it today:

The classic, baking powder:

Everyone knows and uses baking powder. The most common is probably a mixture of baking soda, acid and starch. This combination releases a lot of carbon dioxide bubbles when baking. We all know the effect: This provides a strong boost and the dough “opens in all directions”. This mixture is most often used for short and battered dough.

Potash is a potassium carbonate in the form of white powder. The potash got its name from the process of extraction that was used centuries ago: water and wood ash were boiled together in a large “pot”. Of course this is no longer the case today. However, the effect is still the same hundreds of years ago, namely that heavy dough spreads out. Before the potash is added to the dough, it must be dissolved in some liquid. Due to the effect described above, you should leave enough space between the baked goods. The potash is most commonly used for gingerbread, printen or honey cake.
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Ammonium Carbonate:
As the name suggests, Ammonium Carbonate was previously obtained from deer antlers. Of course this is no longer the case today and the deer is pleased with the chemical production 🙂 Ammonium Carbonate is primarily used to loosen up a little dough. It has a spicy taste of its own and also increases the shelf life. Before you conjure up delicious gingerbread or spicy speculoos, the powder should be dissolved in a little liquid.
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Baking soda:
Since baking soda is also part of the baking powder, bubbles are formed here too, which let the dough “rise”. The only requirement: an acidic ingredient such as Lemon juice, yoghurt or buttermilk in the batter. Because of its properties, baking soda is ideal for muffins or cookies.
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We wish you lots of fun baking and a happy and peaceful Christmas!

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