RED CAP fundraiser

In November 2015, Hartkorn initiated a fundraiser in cooperation with arche noVa (click here for the article). From this point on, selected articles from our can range were also sold in a special edition with a red lid, under the name “RED CAP”. For every RED CAP can sold, 5 cents should be donated to the “arche noVa” aid organization. The aim of this fundraiser was to provide Syrian school children with school supplies.

After we informed about the sold amount of RED CAP cans with daily updates of our donation counter, it was time at the end of January 2016: The counter reached the magical number of 300,000 RED CAP cans sold. We wanted to use the sum of € 15,000 raised in this way as quickly as possible for the planned project. Thanks to the minimal bureaucracy of arche noVa described, this was also possible immediately. It wasn’t long before we received the first footage from the civil war-torn city of Aleppo in northern Syria.

Since Aleppo has since appeared in our news with some terrifying reports, we were always able to get information from arche noVa according to the current status on site, and especially at school. Thankfully, the school has remained intact to this day, but the region is still unstable. It is all the better when you see smiling children with bright eyes in the videos and pictures, and with how much joy and gratitude the backpacks, pens, rulers, blocks and much more are accepted. What we take for granted is something very special for the people and children there. A fact that makes you really thoughtful.

The pictures finally impressed and touched us so much that the management decided afterwards to increase the donation with their own funds by another € 2,000. With these additional funds, urgently needed renovation work is to be carried out at the school. New water tanks were just as necessary as e.g. urgent electrical work to eliminate life-threatening conditions. We have already received images for this as well. But it’s best to see for yourself:

And here are a few pictures:



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