Hartkorn on tour: EDEKA Nord Fall Fair 2017

What do the bustling crowds, Schleswig-Holstein and a lot of agitators mean? Clearly, the annual EDEKA Nord Herbst fair is coming! And so again this time all of our spice sacks were saddled at the end of September and the journey into the far north towards Neumünster was started.

From September 27th to September 28th, the fair for all EDEKA merchants at the headquarters of EDEKA Nord was held on a total area of ​​approx.11,000 square meters. Spread over 4 halls, from the customer’s point of view, it was a 2-day trial of what it takes, while we enthusiastically presented our already proven favorites but also all newcomers to products and displays.

The 5-person crew consisting of our spice chef Dr. Andreas Hartkorn, the responsible GVL Manfred Wyrellus, team leader Jörg Mahler, sales employee Kerstin Bertram and interior designer Patrick Lorch showed once again that the aim of the fair should not only be to establish new customers or to maintain existing ones, but above all it is about the necessary passion to inspire the spice lovers with the appropriate professional competence and most importantly with lots of fun.

Since our busy bees have earned the evening chips with schnitzel during dinner together in the Stammhotel Neumünster! Until next year 🙂 !


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