Hartkorn on the move – occupational health management

The professional environment is the linchpin of all of us in life. We spend 8 hours and more at our workplace every day. The health, motivation and satisfaction of employees is therefore an important prerequisite for productivity, development and competitiveness. Roughly, company health management includes measures for healthy work design and support for healthy behavior.

We have been dealing with the topic of occupational health management since 2016 and are developing fitness courses and seminars on the topic of health and nutrition together with the entire Hartkorn team. On the occasion of our annual münz company run, at the request of some committed runners (our team | -), we have established a 6-week preparation training in the annual planning, which takes place once a week. In the meantime we have already implemented a whole range of courses such as Pilates, back training, fascia training and stomach / legs / buttocks in our own fitness room.

Hartkorn’s most valuable raw material is its employees and the most valuable thing a person has is their health! Healthy employees contribute to a good working atmosphere and a positive charisma is more contagious than any flu virus. These courses provide quick and easy access to health-promoting measures and everyone benefits from the well-being of the other. Our greatest strength is our team spirit, which is further strengthened by company health management.

We wish our runners of this year’s münz company run every success!


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