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Red Cap fundraiser 2016-2017

Our last Red Cap fundraising campaign 2015-2016 Flashed, touched and excited us so much that we absolutely wanted to launch another campaign in 2016. The situation in Syria is still very precarious for people a year later. In late summer 2016 we talked to arche noVa again to discuss together where help is most urgently needed at the moment.
The aid organization arche noVa – Initiative für Menschen in Not e.V. – does an incredibly good job locally in Syria and is closer to the action than we could ever be through media reports. Hence the suggestion that a hospital in northern Syria, near the Turkish border, urgently needs help. Why? Well, the hospital is the only one (!) Still functioning in the entire Azaz district and provides medical care to 350,000 people. Compared to other facilities, this hospital is also relatively safe inland. There is an urgent need for medical devices here!
After we quickly agreed on the project, we were able to get to work on it very quickly. The production of the red cap cans could start at high pressure and go into sales. On October 1st, 2016, the first cans nationwide were already on the Hartkorn spice racks. Now you were, dear customers, on the train and this train was really steaming! On our homepage we fed a counter every day that documented the current sales status. It really made you dizzy and that was all thanks to you. At this point we would like to thank you again very much! In the end, it was your purchases that made the campaign a huge success again. In between, we kept getting messages with requests from you on how much you like and support the action. Of course, that gives you the feeling of doing the right thing and we are very grateful for that, especially considering the worrying political spirit of the time.
Now that the cans were on the market and we could estimate how high the donation would be, we were able to transfer the donation to arche noVa in December. The huge amount of € 9,000 was raised through the campaign. The management decided again this year to increase the sum with own funds by 3,500 €. We were able to donate a total of € 12,500! The necessary measures were immediately initiated by arche noVa. When the last of the 180,000 Red Cap cans went over the counter on February 6th, 2017, we were not only particularly happy about it, but also about the information that the devices could already be bought and are already in operation. Then we received a small video, which we do not want to keep from you:

In the end, on behalf of everyone involved, one more thing to say: Thank you very much! A special thanks to arche noVa e.V. who not only plan and implement such actions with us, but who are in action worldwide every day and help where it is needed. Using the timeline, note how quickly a project was planned, carried out, and actual help provided: it didn’t even take half a year. If you want to make a contribution yourself, you should take a look at arche noVa online (click!) Or on facebook (click!).


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