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Red Cap donation 2017 – 2018

Many of you are familiar with our campaign from previous years (see >> HERE << and >> HERE <<): Together with our partner arche noVa e.v, we are launching the Red Cap fundraiser at the end of the year. Also this year we decided again for a project in the civil war-torn region around Aleppo in Syria.

We are happy to tell you: The red-cap cans have all been sold and the amount donated has been transferred! We have it all, arche noVa, and especially the local people, thanks to you! You are absolutely crazy!

But now “Butter bei die Fisch”: Due to the sale of the cans with the red lid, 5 cents per sale (the product price remained the same for customers as always) to arche noVa, who also invested in school education for the children this time, more later. But the project was even more difficult this year than the years before. The Syrian civil war is no longer so present in our media, which makes it all the more alarming that the local situation is no better, on the contrary, it is even worse than ever. In the meantime we received the terrible news that the activities had to be temporarily stopped due to the dangerous situation. arche noVa, however, was able to serve other regions and later resume work in northern Syria.

The Red Cap campaign raised a total of € 10,000 in donations. This year again, the management decided to increase the sum from its own funds by € 2,500. As a result, at the end of the campaign are fabulous


got together. This money was used to get all kinds of school materials for different schools: from backpacks to writing materials such as pens and pads, there were many things again, things that are self-evident for us and our children and urgently needed in Syria. We believe that access to education is the most important factor in combating poverty and grievances. It is all the better when you can see the bright eyes of children in the pictures and videos that have been sent to us, who are incredibly happy about the donations.

Despite all the difficulties, the campaign was again a complete success. At the end of the day, the realization remains that such actions are not the infamous “drop in the bucket”, on the contrary, they spread a lot of hope and joy on the contrary.

Finally, we would like to point out that everyone can participate, even outside of our fundraisers. If you want to do good, arche noVa e.V is warmly recommended. Check out the homepage here >> click << or visit these great people on facebook.

We would like to thank everyone again for the great campaign and are really looking forward to this year. Because one thing is certain: It was not the last fundraiser!

And here are a few more impressions:


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