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Rezeptbild Zimtsternererecipe of the month

Recipe of the month for December: cinnamon stars

At Christmas time there is a recipe for delicious cinnamon stars today: Ingredients:  3 egg whites  250g powdered sugar  250-300g almonds  2-4 teaspoons of Hartkorn organic Ceylon cinnamon  alternatively: 2-4 …

Rezeptbild-weihnachts-cupcakesrerecipe of the month

Recipe of the month for December 2016: Christmas cupcakes

A different gingerbread spice: delicious cupcakes! Yeah, Christmas! Yeah! Cupcakes! What a combination! In addition, this is the ideal way to use the gingerbread spice in a completely different way. …

Rezeptbild Chai Latterecipe ideas

Newcomer Chai Latte: The spicy trend with a difference

Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and pepper, combined together they form the basis for chai tea, which combines with milk to produce the so-called chai latte. The tea base, so the …

Rezeptbild Carrot Cakerecipe ideas

The juicy Easter classic par excellence: gluten-free Carrot Cake with Oatmeal spice

Wonderfully juicy and incredibly diverse, carrot cake is probably the classic Easter brunch. With its delicately sweet almond note, a hint of cinnamon including oriental flair and a unique juiciness, …

recipe ideas

Berliner with Grind`n Spice cinnamon & sugar

Classically filled with jam, the round yeast pastries, which depending on the region are also known as crepes, pancakes and donuts, migrate abundantly to our tables, especially in February, and …

recipe ideas

Hartkorn’sche Christmas elves cookie recipes

Is there anything better than the heavenly smell of freshly baked cookies? Hardly likely! Tender vanilla biscuits, spicy cinnamon stars or fruity angel eyes delight young and old in no …