Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador in October

We present the Hartkorn brand ambassador in October:

Patrick Lorch!

Our furnishing team is a very special group: The boys are already on the street when everyone else is not even thinking of getting up and are only in the hotel in the evening when ours is already having dinner. There kilometers are collected on the highway and closets are diligently put up. It all sounds very tiring, and it actually is. Nevertheless, the guys around Mr. Lorch are always in a good mood and ready to joke. Á pro pos “Jokes and good mood”: Let the inventor of these terms have a say …

Hello Patrick, nice that you take your time and tell us a little bit about yourself. Let’s start with the “short and sweet” category:

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: Since February 2014
Q: Favorite spice:
A: Chilli!
Q: curry or paprika?
A: Curry! Have you ever eaten a currywurst without curry? Doesn’t taste good at all!
Q: Age:
A: 51 (note from R .: Always jump through the area like in the mid-20s 😉

Q&A 1 passed. Now you can be exceptionally detailed in round 2:

Q: What is the first thing you can remember when you started with us?
A: The wonderful induction week with my dear colleague Horsti. (hesitates briefly and smiles) And where I just ended up here (laughs out loud).
Q: And did you regret not pulling the rip cord during the induction week?
A: (Laughs and waves) Come on, next question!
Q: Describe your job at Hartkorn from your perspective:
A: Egg-laying wool milk sow! (A.d.R .: and that’s really true, even if it is described jokingly. You can really ask Mr. Lorch what you want. The guy always does it well!)
Q: I like my job because …
A: … every day is a little different.
Q: The best club in the world is:
A: Always the club where my son is currently chasing the goal.
Q: because …
A: I like to watch him.
Q: If you could be somewhere else with a snap of your finger, where would you be now?
A: Somewhere on the beach
Q: what to do?
A: Chill out!

That was it! I thank you for your time and wish you continued “good trip” and good luck with our customers on site!


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