Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors in November

we present the Hartkorn brand ambassador in November:

Alexander Weishaupt!

Basically it is very simple: In order to be able to buy great spices (for example HARTKORN) in the trade, somebody has to have filled the can or the bag with raw goods at some point. What sounds so simple here is actually a very responsible and difficult process. There are so many factors that have to fit perfectly so that production runs smoothly and efficiently. One of the people who pull the strings and control processes is our Mr. Weishaupt. Together with our Ms. Held, Mr. Weishaupt faces this challenge day in and day out and masters it with flying colors. Reason enough for us to let him have his say at this point and introduce it.

Alexander, thanks for the great job you do for Hartkorn and for taking a little time to answer a few questions here. We also start short and crisp:

1st category “short and sweet”:

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: For almost 1.5 years

Q: Favorite spice
A: Curry

Q: Chili Habanero or smoked paprika?
A: Chili Habanero

Q: Age?
A: Relatively fresh 36

F: Hartkorn in 3 words:
A: family, success, quality

Excellent! So much for “speed dating”. Now let’s go into detail:

Q: What is the first thing you can remember when you started with us?
A: The variety of smells was overwhelming. I got to know new smells on every corner. Unfortunately, you get a bit dull if you experience the smells every day. What is special then falls by the wayside. However, when you come back from vacation it’s almost like on the first day!

Q: Describe your job at Hartkorn from your perspective:
A: All information on production comes together in the production management. We are therefore responsible for using the employees, machines and raw materials in such a way that a great product can be available in the end.

Q: I like my job because …
A: it brings something new every day.

Q: You are also a big Star Wars fan, who is your favorite character?
A: Han Solo

Q: why?
A: As a villain who shot first, by the way, we get to know him in episode 4 and as a friend of Luke we learn to love him. Without it, the first and second Death Star would never have been destroyed. And Luke would not have survived the ice planet Hoth without him. Best of all, in episode 7 there is finally a reunion.

Q: What does a production manager do in his spare time?
A: I am honing my Jedi training. No seriously. In summer I try to go to the water as often as possible and cast the fishing rod, unfortunately not very successfully. In winter the computer calls me and wants to have its playing time. Somewhere in between, real people want to spend time with me. I also like to cook for my friends and try out one or the other recipe here (by the way, I am more successful here than when fishing).

Q: If you could be somewhere else with a snap of your finger, where would you be now?
A: With my fiancee

Q: what to do?
A: To push ahead with the wedding preparations, after all the wedding is due in March.

Okay, that’s it with the questions. Thank you again for your time and I wish you all the best and good luck at Hartkorn and of course the same for the upcoming wedding! Do it in marriage as in the job: find the perfect mix and preserve it aroma-protected!


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