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Brand ambassador Werner-Robert Schmitz in March

In terms of weather conditions, March is almost as moody as April, but not our brand ambassador:

Area sales manager Werner-Robert Schmitz

As a third-party supplier in retail, we of course have many sales representatives that we would like to introduce to you here gradually. After getting to know one of our fitters in previous articles, we would like to introduce Mr. Schmitz, one of our regional sales managers (GVL). Because without the guys, an important gear would be missing in the Hartkorn clockwork. Our GVL are not only responsible for the typical acquisition of new customers, no, they are also listeners, leaders and problem solvers. Even after acquisition, you have a solid line to “your” customers, are available to the dealer with advice and action if there are any questions or suggestions, but are also just as contact persons for our sales drivers for their TEAMS.

As you can see, the GVL has a few threads, real makers are required here. With Mr. Schmitz, you can set a thick green tick according to all of the above properties. We are therefore very happy that today he is answering the traditional Hartkorn question bombardment:

Werner, you already know this from your colleagues, in a nutshell:

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: Since May 2011

Q: Favorite spice?
A: I find pepper incredibly exciting because there are so many different types …

Q: Age?
A: 57 years

Q: Hartkorn in 3 words?
A: versatile, flexible, credible

okay, that was really quick! You can also get more detailed:

Q: How did you get to Hartkorn?
A: As a trained grocery retailer, I wanted to get to know the other side of the trade. At Hartkorn I was able to make the leap into sales and started as a district manager.

Q: Describe your job as Area Sales Manager from your perspective:
A: You really have to describe that in more detail, and that’s the nice thing about my job: It is very versatile. As the area sales manager, you are of course responsible for customer acquisition. Contact with the customer does NOT end there. Because we want to be a permanent contact for our retail customers. So, of course, I also take care of inquiries of all kinds: be it a desired range expansion or help with a move from one building to another. I help where I can, because I believe that is the basis of any good business relationship! Then of course I have a highly motivated team of sales drivers in my area. The boys also turn to me with confidence in all kinds of matters. Here, too, the attitude is similar: The “one hand washes the other” principle is lived by us and ensures a good atmosphere in the team. I think there are countless other tasks. Describing all of them here would blow up the blog (laughs).

Q: Now you can be somewhere else with a snap of your fingers:
A: On a houseboat in France to navigate the canals there.

Q: That sounds interesting. Hence the inevitable why?
A: I think this is the best way to get to know the country and its people because it is not the usual tourist route. It is also a very cozy and relaxed way to travel. So you have the time and the peace to read a book. I can’t do that in the car and I am already on the road enough professionally.

Perfect! Thank you for answering the questions. Always stay on course, both in France’s channels, on the motorway and in the job. In any case, one thing is certain: the sales channel has been more than enriched by you! Greetings from the headquarters, also to your friendly team!


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