Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador in February,

In the spirit of the carnival, the real happy nature continues in February:

Chief logistics specialist Mario Seibert

Together with Mr. Seibert, we naturally want to present our central warehouse. After we got to know our purchasing department and our production department last month, this is the next stop before you as a customer can buy our spices and herbs in the supermarket or in our online shop. I dare to say that our central warehouse is one of the most exciting points in our goods flow. Because all the threads really come together here. This is where the finished goods from production arrive, returns, packaging material and much more. Everything is strictly stored according to the FiFo (First in, First Out) principle. At the same time, goods also go out to our customers in the food retail trade, our numerous field staff, to our fitters for new customers and much, much more.

As an outsider, this initially looks like a chaotic anthill, but here there is an accurate overview of all goods movements, best delivery times and the quality of all processes. And this is where Mr. Seibert comes in as warehouse manager. Mr. Seibert coordinates his “ants” (logisticians will love this pun 😉 every day with passion and high demands. And as if that weren’t enough, he passes on his knowledge and conscientiousness as an instructor to currently 3 apprentices in warehouse logistics. I almost have a guilty conscience to kidnap him now for a few questions :-).

Hello Mario! Thank you for your time! You know the proven game:

Category “short and sweet”

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: Since February 2013

Q: Your favorite spice?
A: The Twist’n Spice pepper grinder – full of flavor in no time

Q: Magic Spice or Nutmeg?
A: Magic Spice, of course! One for all!

Q: Your age?
A: 38 years

Q: Hartkorn in 3 words?
A: Opportunity giver, forward-looking, innovative

Those were the quick questions. Now for the big “question entry”

Q: How did your Hartkorn story start?
A: As an old logistics handler I was excited to get to know the world of spices and to send good taste all over Germany.

Q: Your job from your perspective?
A: All-rounder in the world of logistics, something different every day, accepting pallets, shipping pallets, storing and retrieving goods, bringing new storage technology with you,

Make sensible use of storage space in the warehouse and look forward to new product launches that need a picking spot, in short: the right goods, in the right quantity at the right time, in the right place. Then there is my “hobby”: instructor for currently. 3 great apprentices. (I would be missing something without her) 😉

Q: Just snap your finger and be somewhere else. Where are you?
A: On a cruise ship.

Q: And what are you doing on board?
A: Explore foreign countries, let your mind wander and enjoy the good food.

Okay, thank you for your time! I will now let you go back to your trainees in the anthill. I wish you continue to maneuver the “MS Hartkorn” safely and accurately through the turbulent Bermuda camp. Greet your trainee sailors from the port of administration. Ahoy! 🙂


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