Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors in December

we introduce the Hartkorn brand ambassador in December:

Johannes Roth

Imagine the following: You are a sales representative at a renowned spice mill. They are already on their way in the morning when other people are not yet thinking of their first coffee and come home in the evening when these “late risers” are already showered on the couch at home. That sounds demanding, doesn’t it? What would you say now if you had been doing this job absolutely reliably and 100% for 30 (thirty!) Years? We prefer all the hats we have to such an achievement and would like to thank our Mr. Roth very much. And here it is now live and in color:

Johannes, that’s really sheer madness what you’re doing for Hartkorn. I don’t think anyone can answer our questions better than someone with your experience. And because you’re used to stress, let’s start with the full question bombardment:

1st category “short and sweet”:

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: August 1982 to 1990 and then again from 1994 onwards

Q: Favorite spice
A: Brasilia cream roast

Q: Cardamom or cinnamon?
A: Chili Habanero 🙂

Q: Age?
A: 51 years

Q: Hartkorn in 3 words:
A: Family, innovative, determined

That was short and sweet. Now it gets more detailed:

Q: I’ve already described it above, the driving can be tough. Do you still feel that after such a long time or is it now everyday life?
A: no it’s still like that.

Q: After such a long time, I’m still motivated every day because …
A: … dealing with other people is simply beautiful.

Q: You have seen many Hartkorn products come and go. What is your favorite product right now?
A: this is our newest product Spice 4 Coffee.

Q: And why?
A: I am a passionate coffee drinker and so I can always conjure up a different taste.

Q: What do you do in your free time if you are not already on the highway to Bavaria at night?
A: For example, I love to take long walks and read a good book.

Q: If you could be somewhere else with a snap of your finger, where would you be now?
A: on a desert island.

Q: what to do?
A: just to take a deep breath without a cell phone or road traffic.

Johannes, thank you very much for the time you took to answer the questions. With all my heart I wish you all the best with us and that you continue to be the pleasant contemporary you are!


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