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Our good mood males: brand ambassador Thomas Meister

It is May again, so it is high time to introduce our newest brand ambassador to you: We present our interior designer and brand ambassador in May, Thomas! Together with our many other decorators, he ensures that our spice presentations are placed in your markets and that they catch your eye. Not as easy as it might sound for one or the other. Our fitters like Thomas are therefore already on the street before one of us even thinks of getting up and are already collecting miles on our highways so that you can get our spice treasures nationwide. How lucky, then, that there are busy bees like Thomas! So let’s get started right away ……

Hello Thomas, nice that you took the time for our interview. We traditionally start with the “short and sweet” category:

Q: Age?

A: 52 years

Q: How long in Hartkorn?

A: Since August 2017.

Q: Your favorite spice?

A: Difficult question … because it is the variety of our spices that makes the kitchen. But I think with a fine pepper fresh from the mill or a fine fleur de sel you have a good start! 🙂

Q: Hartkorn in three words?

A: Innovative, quality-conscious and customer-oriented

So … now it gets a little more detailed:

Q: How did you get to Hartkorn and what was your first impression?

A: A friend of mine told me that the Hartkorn company is looking for an interior designer. Since I enjoy field service and customer contact, I applied. My first impression, which I gained during the interview, was that the company cultivates an open and honest relationship with one another. I really liked that.

Q: What are your tasks?

A: The construction, setting up and fitting of spice presentations in supermarkets and at trade fairs nationwide.

Q: What do you particularly love about your work?

A: With our individual and tailor-made concepts, we are able to create the “eye-catcher” in the spice department in every market. That makes me proud!

Q: How do you switch off after work?

A: I actively support our several clubs in Breyer, and I also like racing bikes. I also have a small garden where you can grill and relax.

Q: Finger snaps and you could be anywhere in the world. Where would that be?

A: Mallorca, the Eldorado for racing drivers! 🙂

We thank you for the detailed interview and wish you a good trip!


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