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Hartkorn brand ambassador Nadja Küveler

That’s her, one of our brownies, or rather brownies, in the central warehouse, which packs the big (and sometimes small) packages. Our customers, sales representatives and fitters rely on Nadja’s (26) hard-working hands. Not only our products are stored and picked here, but also all packaging materials that our production needs to manufacture our product range. The shelf systems on which the spices and herbs are placed in the supermarket also arrive in the warehouse and must first be stored.

These processes are managed by a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (LFS). A nice female voice that can be heard through the headset guides and accompanies the employees through the large warehouse. Lydia, the name of the friendly voice, gives the necessary help and enables the fastest possible processing with short distances. But back to our Nadja, she describes her work as a “girl for everything”. Whether in goods receiving, picking or when Lydia is having a bad day again, Nadja is involved in all processes and she is particularly impressed by the warehouse management system (LFS). But she can tell that better …

Short and sweet:

Q: How long has it been with Hartkorn?
A: July 2016

Q: Hartkorn in 3 words?
A: Opportunities, family, fun

Q: Favorite spice?
A: Chilli

Now we can go into more detail:

Q: How did you get to Hartkorn?
A: Before that I worked for a fast food chain. There was a 24-hour shift system. At some point I was tired of the constantly changing shift work, looked elsewhere and applied to Hartkorn. Originally in the administration, but it hadn’t worked. But the sympathy was there from the start and so Andreas Hartkorn reported shortly afterwards with a job offer in the logistics area. I have been a team member of the central warehouse for almost a year now.

Q: Your tasks at Hartkorn?
A: Girls for everything! Every day brings new tasks and you are active on all fronts, but on the whole picking and especially working with Lydia is my hobby horse.

Q: You come to work in a good mood every morning because …
A: … it never gets boring and both old and new tasks can be mastered through good cooperation. We have a good team here that masters every challenge with a family atmosphere.

Q: What is your favorite hartkorn product currently?
A: Since I really like to eat spicy, the Twist ’n Spice Mill Chili – Pimientos picantes is my favorite.

Q: Just snap your finger and be somewhere else. Where are you?
A: Fehmarn! When I was on this island for the first time, I fell in love with this Baltic Sea beauty and have visited it every year with my girls.


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