When the common language connects: German courses at Hartkorn

What is even more valuable with us than the most expensive spice? Our employees! Whether in production, storage or administration: without them, our spice treasures would never find their way into your kitchen. What a terrible idea! Therefore, we are not only happy with each of our hardworking bees, we also encourage and support them outside of everyday work wherever possible.

In August this year, voluntary German courses were introduced in our production, which were enthusiastically accepted by numerous employees. Since then, many of our employees have had great fun sitting in front of their German books and worksheets once a week for one hour each and are learning hard with teacher Melanie.

Since the level fluctuates significantly between one or the other, two courses were even offered directly. One for beginners, one for advanced learners. While the beginners come to the advanced course after the end of the course, the advanced students will take a small test at the end of Easter, which will show them not only their impressive development, but also small, individual weaknesses, so that anyone who wants to can follow up with the following courses the VHS can register.

The process in both groups is always the same. At the beginning there is a storytelling session, in which each employee tells without exception anything about himself, his week, his plans for the weekend or the like. Because teacher Melanie is particularly important that her protégés communicate in everyday life and at work and can solve problems independently. This is followed by exercises in grammar and learning new vocabulary. Although the homework is voluntary afterwards, almost all employees do it with great commitment until the next hour and proudly present it. Of course, documents or the like can also be brought from home with which there are communication problems, because help is provided wherever possible.

The consequences can already be felt clearly: During production, significantly more German is spoken by many production employees. With a lot of fun, people like to communicate with hands and feet, because one thing you notice quickly during work and after each course: Teacher Melanie has managed to get our hard-working bees excited about learning German within a very short time! We can only say: hats off, keep it up!


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