Double is better: Red Cap this time in the online shop too!

In early November and the production for our RED Cap fundraiser was already in full swing. This year, too, numerous cans are supposed to run through the scanners of the supermarket checkouts and thus once again generate large donations in favor of Syrian schoolchildren.

So that this year we can build on the remarkable donation successes of the past years and maybe even exceed them, we have come up with something special for this year: Our Red Cap cans are now available for the first time in the online shop. And not just any spice, no, we picked one of your favorite spices: the burger spice! Doesn’t that sound tempting? Eat numerous homemade burger variations with delicious fries or wedges and even do something for a good cause! Simply brilliant, isn’t it? So, get into the kitchen, there will be burgers for the next few weeks! Good Appetite!


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