Red Cap Review: Every year again!

It’s September again, how quickly time flies! The days are getting cooler again, delicious autumnal fruits and vegetables like the pumpkin are conquering our plates again and we at Hartkorn are already in the starting blocks for this year’s Red Cap fundraising campaign. How could we be different? After the success of the past 2 years, we are only more motivated to make the world a little bit better again this year.

But what exactly have we done in recent years? Let’s take a look back!

After the long-standing desire to become more socially committed, the fundraising campaign initiated by us started in November 2015 with the organization arche noVa e.V. The idea behind it? From this point on, selected articles from our can range can also be sold in a special edition with a red lid under the name “RED CAP”. For every RED CAP can sold, 5 cents go to the “arche noVa” aid organization with the aim of helping people in Syria. The exact purpose of the 2015 campaign was for the little ones: Syrian schoolchildren in Aleppo had to be provided with school supplies. Countless cans left the supermarkets and the final result was impressive! At our first campaign at the end of January 2016, the counter reached the magical number of 300,000 RED CAP cans sold and a total of € 15,000, which was increased by the management again by € 2,000!

As quickly as the money was donated to arche nova e.V., the first videos and pictures of laughing children with bright eyes also reached us. All full of joy and gratitude for the newly acquired backpacks, pens, rulers or blocks, as well as the urgently needed water tanks and renovation work.

After the impressive pictures of our first fundraiser, we started the Red Cap fundraiser again in 2016. The goal this time? A hospital in northern Syria, near the Turkish border, which was the only hospital in the entire Azaz district that still operates and provides medical care to over 350,000 people. Help was urgently needed here and once again you, our spice lovers, actively supported us with countless purchases of red cap cans in the markets. The campaign raised the incredible sum of € 9,000, which the management has increased by € 3,500 to a staggering € 12,500. The necessary measures were then immediately initiated by arche noVa and the necessary equipment for the hospital was also purchased.

At this point we want to thank you again very, very much! In the end it was your purchases that made the campaign a huge success again and we hope that we can count on your impressive support again this year and that we can give people in need new hope and joie de vivre.


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