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Cocktail recipes for New Years Eve

Just in time for the turn of the year we have 2 last minute cocktail ideas for you! As with last week’s “Koblenz Mule”, the recipes came from Lars and his Eck Gin team. Enjoy yourself and a happy new year!

Cocktail mit Gin

Recipe 1:

You need:

  •  5cl (corner) gin
  •  3cl lemon juice
  •  2cl sugar syrup
  •  1 star anise or 1 cinnamon stick
  •  (optional) 1x whipped egg whites

The cocktail is then mixed as follows:

Let the gin with the spice steep for about 15 minutes. Then the 1/4 apple is crushed together with the gin. The whole thing then comes into the shaker and is shaken vigorously. Then shake again with ice cubes. The result is then sieved on fresh ice in a glass and rounded off with the optional protein topping. For the benefit!

Cocktail mit Gin

Recipe 2: Ramos Gin Fizz

You need:

  •  5cl gin
  •  1.5cl lemon juice
  •  1.5cl lime juice
  •  2 cl sugar syrup
  •  2 cl cream
  •  1x protein
  •  1x orange water

And this is how it works:

Put everything except the orange water in the shaker and shake without ice. Then shake again with ice in a pre-chilled felt glass. Finally, the protein comes over the top as a topping. Enjoy the meal!


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