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We wish you a liquid Christmas!

Sad but true … the warm days are history and winter is just around the corner. The Christmas items have been on the shelf since mid-July and one or the other catches himself, as one can hear the first Christmas carols very, very quietly here and there. The summer hadn’t really started yet! But the winter Christmas season also has its good sides. Resolutions can be comforted without a guilty conscience until the new year, the evenings are getting cozy on the couch and the Christmas market, the well-known wacking of the officials, means that the cups can be lifted at noon, and luckily everything will be perfect socially accepted.

And to prepare you for the future mentally, spiritually and morally and to make the transition a little easier for you, we made some space in our Christmas bakery and opened our Christmas bar a few weeks ago. That is why we will be presenting you with a few of our favorite recipes over the next few weeks that will allow you to enjoy the world of Christmas spices smoothly.

Here we present the hot buttered rum – one of the warm drinks for the cold hours. This consists of rum, apple juice, cinnamon syrup and spice butter. A drink that rediscovered the light of the world in 2009 when Thorben Bornhöft replaced the usual warm water with apple juice. How in the world do you get the idea to make butter in a drink? Quite simply, fat is both a flavor carrier and an enhancer. This method was used 200 years ago to make the precious and unusual spices more productive. If you combine this with the fact that mankind has always been very creative when it comes to making your own intoxication a little smoother, the idea of ​​incorporating the spice butter of that time into your own drink was born very quickly. That is why we recommend jumping over your own shadow and simply trying it out. The drink can easily be made for several people at the same time and is as warming as it is beneficial.

How does the recipe work? Let’s start …

Recipe for hot buttered rum

  •  5 cl golden or dark rum (we recommend bottles from 15 €, because everything else promotes the headache the next morning)
  •  10 – 12 apple juice
  •  1 cl cinnamon syrup (also possible with caramel or other syrups)
  •  1 generous bar spoon of spice butter (consists of 125 g unsalted butter + Ľ grated tonka bean + Ľ cinnamon stick + 3 seeds of allspice + 3 cloves)

Preparation: First melt the butter at a low temperature and then add the remaining ingredients for the spice butter and let it soak through. Stir again and again when cold, otherwise the whole tonka bean will settle on the floor. Now heat the apple juice and syrup in a saucepan, but do not bring to a boil. Put the heated liquid in a cup or other heat-resistant container and stir in the rum and spice butter, so that a delicious alternative to mulled wine or punch is created in no time. Have fun trying!

P.s. Don’t drink and drive! We mean SERIOUS! Then rather leave out the rum and enjoy the non-alcoholic variant of hot apple juice, cinnamon syrup and the spice butter, delicious!

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