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Spices for health – cayenne pepper

How do you say so beautifully? All good things are 3! Time to introduce our third spice to you today: cayenne pepper!

Cayenne pepper or Spanish pepper has its origin in Latin America and was used especially by the Spaniards during the time of the seafarers and explorers as a pepper substitute. Hence its well-known name “Spanish pepper”. He is best known for his special sharpness. Many of you may be thinking of the classic pepper plant, but this is wrong! Because the basis for this spice, contrary to what the name suggests, is the dried fruits of the Cayenne chilli, i.e. hot peppers (bot. Capsicum annuum)!

The chillies get their fiery heat from the capsaicin content. A so-called alkaloid with a circulation-promoting effect, which acts on specific receptors in mammals in particular and consequently triggers a special heat or sharpness stimulus and is also said to have a positive effect on muscle tension. This is also the reason why cayenne pepper is often used today for the production of heat plasters or ointments. However, the alkaloid does not work for every living being: birds, for example, are not affected by the effect.

In our kitchens, cayenne pepper is often used in Indian and Chinese dishes. The red-orange powder is not only suitable for refining these classic dishes, such as chili con carne, chutneys or warming soups, but also for a certain kick with desserts or for the production of healthy smoothies. Curious how that should look like? Then try our mango smoothie:

Put a mango, 250 ml Greek yogurt, 2 knife tips of ground cayenne pepper, 1 freshly squeezed orange and 1 teaspoon honey in a standard mixer and mix to a smoothie. Your wonder weapon smoothie is ready!


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